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    Picked this guy up last weekend. 1994 Thunderbird Super Coupe with a five speed. 130,000 miles upgraded rear end to 3.27 gears and posi. A bunch of new parts, poly suspension bushings and motor mounts.

    My first car was a 92 basemodel thunderbird and I always wanted the SC. I stumbled on this guy and got a great price. I love him.

    No real plans for it right now other than drive it.
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    I had a friend with one of these back in '97 (holy crap I'm old). As much as I hated Ford back then, I really liked driving this car, which I was able to do quite a bit after he lost his license for about 6 months! His was red with dark gray (or maybe black?) interior.

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    Always liked these. Cool car.
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