Hello all,

finishing up a jh/aba with 02j in an S2 Scirocco, so various parts from that are now for sale and I don't (yet) have the heart to scrap them but I'm thinking about it to gain space back. Below is what I have:

1. 020 transmission code 9A (short ratio, not as short as the 4k) with 100mm output flanges. Mileage 160k+?. Currently it is torn down for inspection. It ran and drove fine before tear down with the exception of two problem: reverse gear had some teeth gone and one of the output shaft seals leaked. I tore it down to replace reverse with another reverse gear I had, and realized that it probably would be as expensive to rebuild as it would be to get a junkyard 02J, so I went that route instead. The output shaft seal leak is (I believe) due to one of the output shaft flanges being out of round which can be noted by the wear pattern of the seal knife edge on the output flange. My quick inspection of everything in the tranny from teardown is that it it could use a diff bolt kit, seals, various clips, maybe some syncros but I didn't measure anything - only visual inspection. It comes in a couple plastic bins wrapped in some rags. Price - $50 obo?

2. Related parts to the transmission: a flywheel that is dirty but barely broken in, 2 clutches (used but barely broken in), a mk3 starter, shifter bushings (used and some new), 2 neuspeed weighted shifter sections, techtonics tuning? short shifter and a bunch of random linkage parts for the shifter mechanism. Price - $50 for all of this (obo) or buy the transmission and get this stuff with the transmission for cheap (25$?).

3. 1.8L gas engine with solid lifter (possibly big valve "gti") head. Ran when removed this winter. Supposedly rebuilt by previous owners. It ran well, didn't burn oil. The inner intermediate shaft bearing spun the babbit off, likely because I over tightened the timing belt at some point in time. Good thing is, the engine is out of the car, ready for a new intermediate shaft bearing to be pressed in and it can be chucked in whatever mk1 you desire. Comes with 2 timing belts (used, in good shape) and some random engine parts. Price $150 obo.

4. 5 blade radiator fan with shroud. I went with a flex-a-lite 365 setup and I don't need this anymore. $5 and its yours (or take it when you come and pickup the engine/transmission/etc).

5. Leather wrapped 4 spoke corrado steering wheel in good shape. Big spline, but have adapters for big to small spline. $100 obo.

probably other junk but this is what I know of for now.

Text/call with interest. Located in Maple Grove MN: Six51-2three9-01fourSeven - Spencer