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    Default mk1 engine (1.8), transmission (020 9A), clutch, shift linkage, parts

    Hello all,

    *update - engine, transmission have been scrapped due to no interest and me not ever needing them. below are the remainder of parts I still have. all of it is FREE.

    Trying to get rid of parts. Everything below is FREE! I'm sick of it sitting around. Call/text/PM to let me know if you are interested and I can set the stuff out for you to grab.

    A 1.8l mk1 8v flywheel that is dirty but barely broken in (ran true, no burn spots)
    2 clutches (used but barely broken in) for mk1 020 (small spline)
    16v pressure plate (barely broken in)
    Leather wrapped 4 spoke corrado steering wheel in good shape. Big spline, but have adapters for big to small spline to fit mk1
    4x100 to 4x108 wheel adapters with some hardware. I was planning on mounting and running some older foxbody mustang wheels, but they were stolen (yay...) so I don't need or want the spacers and hardware anymore.

    Please, someone take this stuff and use it so I don't have to scrap it. I may have some more mk1 stuff that can go with this (shifter linkage parts, etc).

    Text/call with interest. Located in Maple Grove MN: Six51-2three9-01fourSeven - Spencer
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