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    Default 1996 MK3 GTI Supercharged


    Was used as a DD for me.
    140k miles(purchased 10/2012 with 124k), it is stored in a semi warm garage till she sells. Also has been on a battery tender.

    Currently does not run. Car died on a test drive around spring 2017 and hasn't been repaired, suspect a bad fuel pump due to sitting for periods of time. I am located out of state so I have not had time to get it to a repair shop.

    List of repairs all performed by VW certified mechanics;
    (All parts were new VW oem parts)
    Spark plugs(after market)
    Spark plug wires(after market)
    Timing belt and tensioner
    Power steering belt
    Both front axle seals
    New clutch/rebuilt transmission
    Rear Main Oil seal
    Distributor cap/Rotor
    Passenger front Ball joint
    Driver outer CV boot
    E-brake Cables
    Front main seal(crankshaft)
    Crankshaft gasket plus 1 other ring gasket
    Rear passenger and driver motor mounts
    Used throttle body
    Pass front park lamp socket and bulb
    Battery (10/2016 replaced)
    Oil change w/filter (spring 2017)

    Mk4 2.0 neuspeed supercharger
    H&R lowering sport springs
    Custom intake that is temporary, never recieved the full intake like I was supposed to w/the SC.
    Front racing seats, Party seats in the back.
    BFI stage 1 front motor mount(have the other 2 mounts to send with the vehicle, as it was too much vibration for me to have all 3)

    Needs New pads and rotors [rotors are warped]

    It is currently on my winter wheel setup(pictured) and tires are old and will need 4 new snow tires.

    $1500 as it sits and will most likely need to be towed.

    Feel free to reply to this thread or email me at

    Sorry no trades

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    any major rust issues? Where are you located?
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    You posted this car for sale many times, as far back as 2014. Every time it was posted for sale you list mileage as 139k.

    How can you say you drive this car, but the mileage has not changed in 4 years?

    Something is fishy here.

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