This is my first love in cars, my 944 turbo. I've moved on, to racing cars, and this thing is pretty useless to me now. just taking up space.

I've modded it a bit, but mostly just done maintenance on it, and driven it.


1986 944 turbo
165,000 miles (about)
If interested please text: 7632587991 (i don't log on here often)


LSD transmission
Koni yellows
M030 bars
Vitessie racing MAF system with 80lbs injectors
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Lindsey racing radiator (BIG)
Billet recirculating valve
8 inch wide phone dials all 4 corners
7 inch wide phone dial set available
Bridgestone RE71Rs


timing belt and waterpump
front control arm bushings and ball joints
front strut mounts
brakes all round
all new coolant rubber
all new vacuum/boost rubber
new cycling valve
new idle control valve
new power steering rack
new power steering lines
new motor mounts
filled transmission mount
cleaned out the AC condenser and Oil cooler
cleaned out the intercooler
All new power wiring harness (battery, starter etc)

the bad:

tear in drivers seat
dash has a plastic cover

I have driven this car all over the country. its solid, reliable, and fun to drive. very comfortable cruiser.