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    Default Body work thread

    I wanted to start a thread dedicated to DIY and Professional body work. I've always been interested in doing bodywork for a hobby job someday which is why I picked up the Fastback project to start learning old school and new school methods for doing proper bodywork.
    I'm starting off with a 1971 volkswagen Type 3 Fastback that one of the many previous owners started some kind of square tube chassis work to do a wrx swap. It's really unclear what they were doing in the front as there isn't room for the engine up there but the suspension geometry is ... interesting.

    Ultimately beyond restoring/fabricating some of my own sheet metal to fill the voids and get things back to factory spec I have some minor rust and dent repair throughout the car.

    Let's see what kind of body work you guys are working on!

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    started working on removing almost 50 year old fender liner from the fastback front fenders. so far it's a bit of a toss up whether the twisted or untwisted wire wheel cups worked best. Generally just getting it down close to the metal and I will finish up with Aircraft stripper once things warm up outside a bit.

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