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    Did a quick mockup over the weekend of the engine to the trans before getting some bolts/studs to mount the two together. Still looking for a lock engine mounting bar so i can bolt it up into the car.
    Mockup by Andrew Pedretti, on Flickr
    Mockup by Andrew Pedretti, on Flickr

    also worked on finishing the quick crappy paint on the fender wells in the cabriolet to get everything back together and running. I plan to drive it to a shop to fix the soft top on it since i still can't get my topper to fit correctly on the damn thing after I tear it down to the chassis one last time and media blast the whole shell to re-spray at the same time as the fastback.

    on a side note, FFFFF downpipe flange is upside down probably just going to hack the exhaust side off and weld it back on upside down so i don't have to buy a complete new exhaust yet.
    20180713_191457 by Andrew Pedretti, on Flickr

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    Forgot to mention sooner, we got a corgi puppy over a month ago. He's 3.5 months now. We'll have to have a corgi meet.

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