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    Default Electrical panel replacement

    Hey everyone,
    I would like to have the electrical panel updated in our home. Looking for recommendations for an electrical contractor.
    I want to be completely hands off in this process so someone licensed and bonded that is going to pull the permit and deal with the inspector ect ect.
    Let me know who you have used and who you would recommend to do work.

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    Brent Kalmes (Helmut on here) does electrical work on the side from time to time.

    He is great at what he does, and knows his shit. I had him replace a panel on my last house, and he wired up the 220V circuit for my welder.

    If you want his number I can PM it to you. Or if you go look for him on Facebook, I think you can reach him there. I don't know how much he checks these forums anymore.

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