I had some hail damage to my house and a contractor replaced my roof and 3 sides of siding under insurance. Where my garage meets the house, I have some siding that was a different material (Vinyl rather than the aluminum everywhere else) so insurance would not replace it, and the contractor wanted way too much extra to do that small section, so I declined.

They told me any leftover material would be returned or thrown in the roll off, but when they took the roll off there was some leftover siding, sealant, and trim material that actually looks like it should be enough to finish that small section. It is an angled section about 15 feet long and about 2 feet wide so there would be a lot of cuts to the siding.I might try this myself but with the professionally installed siding and roof around I want it to look right, and my body is already beat from the painting and other construction I have been doing on the place.

I am looking for someone who could confirm this is enough siding material (for a nominal fee, or 6-pack of nice beer or something) and if so propose a price or hourly rate and estimate to install it. PM for phone #.