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    Hi... I am new to the twin cities and live in Mounds View.... I have a car that has been in storage for two years. I started it twice a year during this time period, but, it does need some attention and a general tune up done before taking it down the road. It is essentially a 1971 air cooled 1600 dual port engine. I would like to find a good mechanic somewhere near the Blaine area. Let's leave it at that for now. I appreciate any advice anyone has for me.... and look forward to hearing from someone with some good news.

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    Hi there and welcome. I know Tristan at Further Performance does air-cooled stuff, he can for sure get your 1600 running well, not sure if their location works for you but at least it's in the cities.

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    Yea, don't know anyone in Blaine, but both Further Performance and Good Carma are reputable air-cooled mechanics

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    Depending on where you are in Blaine, JAC Auto in Anoka might be closer than those Minneapolis and St Paul options.

    I would consider Further the best option though.

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