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Thread: Tdi egr del

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    Quote Originally Posted by sprstu View Post
    damn efficient engines!
    You can use Cardboard to block the radiator, take the grill off and slide a couple pieces down there. I used basement pipe insulation on my golf, I cut it to size and because its designed to wrap around pipes it wrapped nicely around the grill slats.
    I created a thread a while ago on how to do this very easily:

    Winter front by itself doesn't seem to do much. I run both a rad block and the winter front to keep the cold air from entering the engine compartment.

    Even with all this I still lose heat like Paul...and I have a functional EGR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer View Post
    Yeah, I'll see how it goes. Seems like people block part of the radiator if it's a problem.
    My radiator has been blocked off all summer...

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