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With our two dogs and people to haul up a down our beach road, an SUV is better for our needs than a pickup. Plus we miss "overland" camping (its totally car camping)

Also, It has 431k on the clock (yes, really) and *everything* works. It drives fantastically. I Bought it from the original owner with all the maintenance, and records. The only real bummer is that the rear hatch is rusted through in a couple spots, and it needs to be replaced but other than that, it needs nothing. It drives super comfy on and off road too so that's a bonus.

Future plans are a 2" lift, 33" tires, maybe some tacoma wheels or something and a rack for our roof top tent. And a snorkel cause I wanna look cool.
100 is the way to go! Ours has 240k and I just got done rebuilding/replacing the entire suspension (everything baby) with shiny new parts. Have the Old Man Emu set up with new OEM dampers and it rides pretty dern nice with a lil lift too.

The wheels are 5x150 so you will need the newer/current gen Tundra wheels AND spacers. I went with Spidertrax when we put on a set of Tundra Rock Warriors. Tacos are 6 bolt.

Lots of 100 dorks out there with loads of information and advice to share. Let me know if you need any local assistance with suspension set up or other 100 things. We have had ours for 1.5yrs and plan to keep it for the long haul.

Did I miss the year??