this DIY is for all E30s but for years 1983-1987 this DIY is for the tank transfer pump only, not the HPFP. for years 1988-1993 this write-up is for the single HPFP.

Tools needed:
pliers if you have factory clamps on the hoses
standard screw driver if you have conventional hose clamps
phillips screw driver

Time needed:
15 minutes for standard clamps, 45 minutes for factor clamps.

materials needed:
new gasket for replacement fuel pump
conventional hose clamps if your pump has factory clamps on it.

Let's get started!
open your doors so you can get to the back seat.

lift up hard under the front side of the back seat bottom, it will come free.

once the seat is up, youll need to move the carpet and sound deadening to access the panel. once you have access, take your phillips and un do these four screws and remove the panel

once the panel is removed, you'll see something like this: you'll want to un plug the power connector for the pump

next, remove the level sender conenctor, losen the two clamps on he fuel sending line and remove either end of the hose.

next, un do the four 8mm nuts on the level sender

once the sender is removed, you'll have something to this effect:

take your screw driver and get it in a position where you can rotate it counter-clockwise.

once in position, rotate it about 70 degrees counter clockwise and you'll have something like this.

removing the pump is a bit tricky. lift it out to the point you can see the sock, then tilt it so you can get the short section of the sock out of the hole and pull her out. you'll see something like this.

theres your pump!

you're done unless you have a new pump to put in, if you do, follow the instructions in reverse.