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  1. FS: mk1 engine (1.8), transmission (020 9A), clutch, shift linkage, parts

    Hello all,

    finishing up a jh/aba with 02j in an S2 Scirocco, so various parts from that are now for sale and I don't (yet) have the heart to scrap them but I'm thinking about it to gain space...
  2. FF: I'm on the hunt for a knock box and specifically...

    I'm on the hunt for a knock box and specifically the wiring harness for the knock box to get an ABA/JH hybrid swap going for my scirocco. I hope someone can hook me up!
  3. FS: GONE. I scrapped it all, had to get it out of my...

    GONE. I scrapped it all, had to get it out of my storage spot :/
  4. Thread: Diesel 020.

    by sneitz001

    WTB: check out this:...

    check out this:
    Guy wants $250 for an FN. Might be up your alley
  5. FS: 020 4K Transmission W/ 90mm Scirocco Axles

    Gone to the scrap pile - Sorry!

    Description: For sale is a 4k 5 speed transmission that I had swapped into a scirocco from several years ago. Thing ran and drove great, and reverse even worked...
  6. FS: Sold sold sold!

    Sold sold sold!
  7. FS: Bump! Dropped the price (still very incredibly...

    Bump! Dropped the price (still very incredibly negotiable)!!!

    Please someone buy this thing so I don't have to scrap it. Use it as a boat anchor, coffee table, parts, or a fancy desk paperweight.
  8. FS: mk2 diesel 5 speed transmission - code ACH


    Hello all,

    I have an unknown mileage diesel transmission from a 1985 vw that had a 1.6l diesel in it. The transmission has 90mm axle flanges. The picture shows no...
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    FS: Bump someone make me an offer!

    Bump someone make me an offer!
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    FS: Lower K-Bar (mk1 vw)


    Hello All,

    For sale is a k-bar that came out of a parts bin I'm cleaning through. Was on a Scirocco S2 I had a while back. It is a bit rusty in spots (see pictures) but is...
  11. FS: Stolen Rims - Keep an eye out for me please!

    Hello all,

    I had a crappy day on Friday 11/18/16. My garage was broken into (or other tenants left a door open) and one and a half sets of my rims wandered off along with my new 1.5 ton harbor...
  12. FS: MK2 GTI Steering Wheel, Mk1 4 button Steering Wheel

    Hello All,

    I have a mk2 gti steering wheel (big spline) that I would like to get rid of, and a mk1 small spline 4 button steering wheel. NEITHER OF THESE ARE LEATHER, they are just the foam and...
  13. FS: Neuspeed Race Springs - fits mk1 rabbit, jetta scirocco I & II


    I have a set of neuspeed race springs that were off of an s2 scirocco I had a while back. They have been well loved and the front springs may have a coil cut out of them. I can't...
  14. FS: That is pretty rough. Update: It went to a...

    That is pretty rough.

    Update: It went to a local guy for his rabbit! Sold for zero dollars and zero cents.
  15. FS: FREE vw mk1 Non-AC Valeo Heater Core - NEW IN BOX


    part number on the box: 171819031D
    part number on the heater core itself: 321819031A

    It will fit the following vehicles (according to the rock auto part number lookup for...
  16. FS: Bump Price changed to FREE. Come get them!

    Bump Price changed to FREE. Come get them!
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    FS: Various Mk1 Parts

    Hello all, I'm doing some cleaning out of the parts and have some cheap stuff others may want.

    ALL prices are EXTREMELY negotiable

    $10 Nissens radiator ( nissens part number 651511) Core...
  18. FS: Bump

  19. FS: 14" 4x100 VW Snowflake Wheels with Dunlop Snow Tires

  20. FS: Scirocco Driver's Seats: 1 Black Leather, 1 Grey Cloth

    Hello all,

    I'm starting to weed through my scirocco parts collection. Both seats are out of s2 sciroccos (A1 Chassis) which is the same as all mk1 vw's. I believe these are a direct fit into mk2...
  21. WTBorrow: Audi Camshaft Alignment Tool (3243 and 3242)

    Hello all,

    I'm getting ready to do the timing belt on my 1995 audi 90 quattro sport, and I don't really want to buy the timing tools to do it because I will most likely only be using them once. I...
  22. FS: Bump - Price drop $30 bucks for the pair OBO. Get...

    Bump - Price drop $30 bucks for the pair OBO. Get your wheel bearings done before winter hits.
  23. FS: Still for sale. Bump

    Still for sale. Bump
  24. FS: Pm replied to.

    Pm replied to.
  25. FS: Mk3 Front Wheel Bearings (set of 2) *NEW IN BOX*

    Hey all,

    I went to try and press in the wheel bearings that I picked up at the sci swap meet today and found out that they aren't mk1 wheel bearings, in fact they are mk3! Regardless they are...
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