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S-351      Lambo SL, Porsche GT2  
s-carsgo     Plymouth, MN1993 Audi S4 quattroAudi S & RS series cars, Porsche 951, 928. Bicycles: Panasonic & Pinarello mainlyWeb/IT
S13/MK2      1985 VW Jetta  
s3c7i0n 8     hudsonGTI MKVcars , beerlab tech
s4drey      2001.5 Audi S4  
S4nik8     Shakopee, MNB5 A4 Student
SA///M3      1997 BMW M3  
SAAB9-3USA   SAAB9-3USA's Avatar plymouth09 Chevy 2500HD 6.6 warehousing
Saab900CE Turbo Enthusiast Saab900CE's Avatar Davenport, IA93 Saab 900 Turbo, 95 GTI  
saab93      2009 Saab 9-3  
saabguy      saab  
Saabkid09   Saabkid09's Avatar Hugosaab 9-3Cars,Farmer
Saaboy Lurker Unleashed    Saab  
saabturbo     New Richmondsaab 9-3 + mk3 golfSnowboarding, females, cars 
sabaii      02 Jeep Liberty  
Sacretis      1997 328i  
sailor89     Duluth1981 BMW 320i Student
saimasta Token Asian saimasta's Avatar Virginia Beach, VAMK5 Jetta 2.5S / MK4 GTi Car Sales
saintlewis   saintlewis's Avatar  07 VW GTI  
sandman126   sandman126's Avatar Minot, ND'86 Jetta GLI, '85 VanagnVW's, anything with wheels and an enginewarehouse hand
sapalas     ShakopeeLooking for a MK1  
sarges1.8s   sarges1.8s's Avatar  02 gls jetta wagon  
SaucyMKIV      2000 Volkswagen GTI  
Sauerkraut   Sauerkraut's Avatar Minneapolis'96 Golf GL Student
saulgoode      77 mk1 rabbit  
SAVwKO     A-town, Ohio1OFF GLI  
SBVr6 Greg Puciato will save us all! SBVr6's Avatar Way WAY WestMk IV GTIBass 
Sc00tsGTI      97 VW GTI 8V  
scarletvw   scarletvw's Avatar Minneapolis2015 VW Jetta SE 1.8T IT
scats     Shorewood, MN12 Porsche CTT  
Schalldampfer1 ///Mmmmmmm8 Schalldampfer1's Avatar Chicago'96 M3 Coupe, '00 528i Marketing Coordinator
schlazor      1993 Mercedes Benz 300ce  
schmitty1991      vr6  
SCHNELL     Eden Prairie, MN11 RalliartSnowboarding, Snowmobiling Racing, Banking, and moreFinance Manager
Schultzy      99 Jetta Gls  
schwabo Car addict   FarmingtonGolf RCars ..SW Jockey
schwalm      2003 GTI 20th AE  
schwarz kaninchen      Black MKV Rabbit  
Schwendy      91 Pontiac Trans Am  
scooter      '97 GTI, '82 Caddy  
Scott   Scott's Avatar     
ScottMan     Minnetonka1985 Audi Coupe GTCars, beers, boobs, and x-boxTech at samaritan tire
ScottyK Life is Good ScottyK's Avatar Duluth, MNCh ch changes...  
scowil      e55  
scrapinseries93   scrapinseries93's Avatar Minneapolis, MN93 GMC Sonoma  
scubasteveR32     Austin,MN2004 Volkswagen R32drag racing, wrenching on carsSecurity guard
scubbie dubbie      2000 jetta glx  
SDKmann   SDKmann's Avatar  96 BMW 318ti  
sdubs   sdubs's Avatar NE Minneapolis2005 GTI 1.8T Engineer
seanf      B6 A4  
Seannabend   Seannabend's Avatar  337 GTI  
SeattleJosh      2002 VW Cabrio  
secondslc     The Get-oh.Bought, not BuiltAlways being rightElectricity
Seejay      VW R32  
senseigmg       Shivang 
serena   serena's Avatar  1990 VW Cabriolet  
serprime2.5     Colorado2007 VW JettaCars, weapons lol 
sestone      1990 Audi 80TQ  
sgt snuffles Cloggin' Toilets since 1990 sgt snuffles's Avatar Tha 952Now w/ cummins power.making midget amputee pornlife donator and creator
sgtstein Low-er Slow-er 2.0-er sgtstein's Avatar ChamplinSilver Sofie: '98 Golf K2Computers, Cars, PhotographySteinhauser Computer Services, True Value hardware(4.5years), Student
shadeone   shadeone's Avatar  1990 Lotus Esprit SE  
shaelrokuno      1991 16v 2.0 GTI  
Shane   Shane's Avatar Crystal2013 Kia Soul  
shaneco13 The one to love shaneco13's Avatar Farmington/ Lakeville/ Apple Valley09 A4 S-Linegraphic design, cars, sports, minimally clothed womenCity of Rosemount, Graphic Artist
shanetrain     Hudson, Wi'03 2500HD, 01 A4, 02 TT  
ShanoGTIMKV   ShanoGTIMKV's Avatar IGHB5 A4, Mk3 Vr6 GTi x2Cars, Electronics, helping friendsBest Buy
ShatteredK      E36 325is  
shauntdi      2002 golf tdi  
shawn o      2011 Golf Variant SE 2.5  
shawn.price      vw's yo  
shawnboy Moto Moto shawnboy's Avatar Cloquet, MN1983 BMW 633csi,Diesel performance, things that i get hurt with.Bailbondsman, Owner of a medical transportation company, Real estate, Ex-diesel mechanic.
shawnz21 Z shawnz21's Avatar PlymouthE36 Analyst
Sheefo2k       Sherif 
sheriff_15      2001 GTI 1.8T  
Sherpa .45ACP Sherpa's Avatar  AMG's, GT3  
shevo      Mk4 GTI  
shorescurlvdub      mkVI Jetta TDI  
shortbus       Chad Truss 
Shouter351      1997 Golf  
showallen      2010 VW Tiguan  
ShowCar      stuff  
shrykFC3S Mike D! shrykFC3S's Avatar Wayzata, MNGTI 1.8t  
ShyGirl     in your dreamsa broommy daughters~vws duh! sport bikes & mx. tattoos. chillaxn. down to roll, i can hang.full time mami. part time @ senor wong.. CHECK IT!
sickhonda     mounds view2000 vw passat 1.8tcars/skateboard 
sicsdeep     Rochester MNMKV GTI  
silence      C43  
sillywabbit Doesn't build show cars. sillywabbit's Avatar NowthenMK2 GTI & MK3 JettaI like doing things.Riggs Co.
silver saloon   silver saloon's Avatar Chaska, MNAudi A4  
SilverB5S4      2000 Audi S4  
silverc4s Adult Supervisor silverc4s's Avatar I'm here & you're there'97 Porsche C4S Retired
SilverDawg      2000 Bora GTX  
SilverMK3VDub   SilverMK3VDub's Avatar  Silver 96' Jetta 2.0  
silversolox12     stillwater, mn92 gtifinding time to work on the gtiauto mechanic
Silverstreak98   Silverstreak98's Avatar Rochester1998.5 A4 2.8Q  
SilVRstoneGTI   SilVRstoneGTI's Avatar  2004 R32T  
silvrstorm   silvrstorm's Avatar Minnetonka, MN02 jetta 1.8t Still trying to figure it out
simone36   simone36's Avatar Bloomington Citye36 M3 dried apple dryer
sinister_A4      2003 a4  
sippyyy   sippyyy's Avatar  MK2 VRT, MK5 R32  
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