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C Digital 323Ci      2000 BMW 323Ci  
C Squared       Leon Carter 
C2C2Bw      Mk3 DD  
cabanamat     Minneapolis98 Passat  
CabbyScott      1989 VW Cabriolet  
CadburyRabbit     Bemidji, MN'07 Rabbit  
Caddyman91     New Richmond, WI2000 Cadillac Catera Currently Un-Employed, NEEDS a job...any ideas?
cadtastrophe      92 corrado SLC, mk4 jetta  
cadwiz      01 Jetta  
Cakija_GTi     Des Moines, IA2008 Audi A4 2.0T S-LineCars, Music 
Caliber39     The top of the Ectomorph Tree1994 Ford Probe GTCars, girls, music.Stealing your girlfriends }:-)
calundeen      2000 S4 Epl Stg 3  
calvin_MN     Minneapolis2001 VW Golf  
Cammin Z     Minnesota2008 VW GTIAnything with Cars, Bikes and Going fastContent Development
Campbell      1987 Scirocco  
canast     Rural Anoka County2K2 Jetta TDI & 1.8T  
canzeber      BMW  
capellaPower      RX2 Capella Coupe  
Capt.broke     Woodbury05 gmc sierradan 
Captain   Captain's Avatar Da Valley. Erection Specialist
Captain McTest Test Munky       
CaptainAwesome   CaptainAwesome's Avatar Saint Paul04 A4 1.8TQM Windows System Admin
captaintofu      03 Glf TDI  
carbon      1988 Pontiac Fiero GT  
carbon_1      08 2d Blk GTi  
caribe 86   caribe 86's Avatar MNmk1 and cabrioPARTS AND EVENTS 
caribe turbo     chicagocaribe 86  
CaRJoE0220     St. Paul, MNMKV Jetta : 78 CB550  
carlrado   carlrado's Avatar LakelandslOOOOwMusicUnion Steamfitter
Carlton   Carlton's Avatar  i dance  
CarNub?     St. Paul1999 Honda Odyssey :-DSoccer 
CarRacer     Shakopee, MN1987 325e  
Carrotsonastick   Carrotsonastick's Avatar Richfield04 .:R32 and an '88 roccoPhotography, driving, fixing items.VW used car tire specialist
carshownational      Honda  
Carzy111      Audi  
Casanova     New Richmond, WI'05 BMP GLI / '08 .:R32 IT Manager
Casper \_(ツ)_/ Casper's Avatar EdinaM3rustlin jimmiesMortgage
casperkaroff 1 Bad Bug casperkaroff's Avatar Farmington, MN1998 VW New Beetle BlackBerry Brand Advocate
Castor Troy   Castor Troy's Avatar Duluth, MNSaab 900, Audi A4Skiing, mountain biking, camping, carsNetwork Engineer
catalystvr6     St. Paul, MN2006 Audi A4 2.0TCars, Working on cars, Reading, Joe Rogan Podcast, Movies, Star Wars,Comic books, Running.Manager of Legal Affairs
catriple   catriple's Avatar  Audi B6 Avant  
cbevis I like stuff   Farmington, MNVolvo 240cars, mountain bikingArchitectural Tech
cDUBu92      1997 GLX  
cerickcerick      1997 saab 9000  
Cern      1995 VW Cabrio  
chadsci vw guru master chadsci's Avatar St micheal, Mn1999 Audi A4 WagonQuelling the next Zombie up risingVW/Audi Repair shop owner, Author
chambew30135     douglasville ga86 jetta automotive tech
Champ Puts up a brick... Swish! Champ's Avatar BloomingtownMy SaabLacrosse, video gamesElectrical Engineer
Chancellor Ben I'm Doing It Wrong    '95 Purple Nurple  
CharliE36      1995 M3 (Alpine White)  
ChasB     Middle of a cornfield, IA'87 BMW 325IS  
Chase   Chase's Avatar  B8 S4  
ChaseCorona     Richfield1979 Toyota Corona Wagon Best Buy
Chaseme     white bear lake, mnRabbit  
chasersmk3      97 jetta GLS, AWM 1.8t  
Chemlight     St Paul MN1999 VW Jetta WolfsburgCars, Guitar, Computers, GamesIT Director, Computer Programmer
ChetTheJet      E92  
chickenwing     MinneapolisNon Got work?
Chim55117      1989 BMW 325IX E30  
Chimera Seriously Addicted Chimera's Avatar Richfield, MN07' GTI, 91' GTICars, beer, man stuffResearch Scientist
Chimera Prf PnP Ceramic Powder   AndoverSTiWorking on CarsChimera Performance
chin2334      01 audi a4 1.8t quattro  
Chipripley      Tiguan SE 4motion  
CHRI7S   CHRI7S's Avatar     
Chris.TMJ      Old German Race Cars  
Chris74439      2003 VW Corrado VR6  
chrisc351      Audi TT  
ChrisP     Coon Rapids, baby06 GLIWell, cars. Then dirt bikes, mtn bikes, snowboarding. All with my kids.Sales Manager - Westside VW
ChrisStyles     Winchester, CA1985 VW GolfBeat Maker, Music Producer, PhotographerMusic Producer
Chuchutrain      2003 diamondback skindog  
Chucklescruff   Chucklescruff's Avatar Minnetonka MN1998 Jetta Vr6Cars?Lube Tech Manager
chunki84      Audi tt  
Circuitsoft      '92 Cabby  
citizen87325es   citizen87325es's Avatar st michael87 325es tIle setter
cjr1985car      Datsun 510  
cjtennis123 I want to ride my biCYcle cjtennis123's Avatar Champlin, MN'06 Mazda3 HatchbackMountain Biking, cars, tennis, and mountain bikingSales/Marketing/Entrepreneur
clampi     f town01 wolfySnowboarding 
CLE4N      Looking for a VW/Audi  
CleanA4      04 Audi a4 usp  
clinic      1996 mercedes c36 amg  
CLOS      vw  
clovold Code Monkey clovold's Avatar ShakopeeE36 M3s, Isettas, VixenFunSoftware Developer
Club_MN     St. Paul, MN2008 MINI Clubman S Student
Clutch   Clutch's Avatar Twin Cities03 GTI 1.8TCars and World of WarcraftLocal Truck Driver
CLWNSHU      2000 BMW Z3 M-Coupe  
cmagalis   cmagalis's Avatar Lakeville MN/St. Cloud MNB5 Audi S4, E85 Z4 3.0iDebaucheryBroadcasting and PR
cmathson     Cambridge, MN'90 CorradoCarsUnited States Navy
colandr3   colandr3's Avatar NE Minneapolise46  
colborap      2012 Jetta GLI  
ColBud     Stillwater06 GTI DSG  
Colin Mare-Coor Colin's Avatar Collegeville, MNScorpio/BeetleTDI/F650Cars, motorcycles, scooters, fabrication, design, firearms, intercourse, things of that nature.full-time naysayer, part-time hater
colin6969 newb   Minneapolis, MN2010 VW GTI  
colonelhannibal   colonelhannibal's Avatar Columbia Heights, MN91 2L 16v GTI, 13 Golf RCars, Music, Hockey, VideogamesTechnical Writer
CommonGTI Bizzaro! CommonGTI's Avatar  MKVI GLI Professional Geek
connorambrose (euro)ologist    2000 volkswagen golf 1.8t  
conscious wanderer conscious's Avatar wherever I'm welcome  student
Consejero      Bmw  
converter91     lake-vull1996 Saturn SL1climbing rocks, and hackin the sackdelivery
coop-a-loop   coop-a-loop's Avatar  Twin Charged Cooper S  
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