View Full Version : Need a Mk IV 3 spoke steering wheel harness

shawn o
01-25-2009, 05:17 PM
I need the wiring and plugs inside the wheel for the horn/airbag/clock spring. Bought a leather/wood wheel on the vortex and the guy fucked me and took the wiring out!

Anyone know if I can maybe use Audi wiring or buy it from the dealer?

I paid out the ass for the wheel and now this...grrrr.

Thanks, Shawn

Just got this in the mail from "pfunkn87" on here. Went to install it on my wife's car and oh, wait a set, where the F-K is the wiring? I've bought several 3 spoke wheels before and they all have wiring. Even bought one from the dealer and it had the wiring...