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12-12-2008, 02:17 PM
Most of you have seen my project thread, well, I found something else I want (HRS kicking in again) so I thought I'd see if anyone was interested in my project. Here's what I've got:

1991 Jetta 4dr.
A little hail damage.
New windshield, new rear window.
Black car, silver doors, one green fender.
Corrado seats, front and rear.
Seatbelts swapped from door belts to b-pillar belts.
Very VERY little rust. None on the underside, only rust is on the sides where it got hit with hail. and a tiny spot by one of the door handles. If someone is serious, I can fix this before it sells.
Factory knee-breaker removed, shelf to replace it included, but not installed yet.
Dual round headlights with crystal crosshairs.
Needs headlight switch though, this one is kinda finicky.

Engine bay painted Honda Championship White (Think Integra Type R white)

OBD1 VR6 running OBD2 electroincs.
e-bay intake with K&N cone filter.
New gaskets and seals everywhere (including Mk4 steel headgasket)
New timing chains and tensioners.
Stock downpipe and cat (rear 02 sensor removed and welded shut), Bosal exhaust.
SCI plug wires
functioning OBD2 port
A/C deleted
SAI deleted (42DD billet plug)
Black Forest Industries poly motor mounts

G60 gearset in a VR case. Short gears and a short final drive. Was rebuilt about 30k ago, case swap was done by Chad.

G60 pedal cluster, 22mm master cylinder, hydraulic clutch, etc. Firewall modified to fit perfectly.
Cable shift box modified to fit Mk2 chassis also.

Complete Mk3 GLX suspension/brake swap with 11.3" discs in front, 9" discs in rear. 5x100. Hawk HPS pads and ATE slotted rotors up front. H&R Race Springs.

15" GLX wheels (the 5 spoke ones, painted bronze wrapped in Nitto rubber) Also have some Mk4 5-spoke wheels that could go with, and some BBS RX2s in the middle of being refinished that would be included.

I really don't know what this is worth, but with a little bit of finishing work it should be a be a fun little car.

So, anybody interested? How much do yo think this is worth? I was kinda thinking $3k might be a good starting point. I'm going to look at this new car that I want on Sunday, so I might be able to be talked down a fair amount if someone moved quickly.

12-12-2008, 02:35 PM
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO why not in 2 years. i love these things. christmas is coming up kyle!!! :( gl with the sale

12-12-2008, 02:47 PM
I don't really wanna sell it, but I can't buy this other car while I still have this one.

Oh, and here's a link to the project thread with lots of pics: http://www.eurowerks.org/showthread.php?t=4337

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stfu n00b :O_o:

you know what I want :happydance:

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stfu n00b :O_o:

you know what I want :happydance:

It's true, but I'm not a n00b. :nono:


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Oh no you didn't!

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Hammy, buy my car :D