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  1. WTB: looking for b6 a4 avant body parts
  2. FS: Golf R parts - APR Downpipe, OEM blindspot mirrors, RB sidemarkers, EVOMS intake
  3. WTB: OEM or aftermarket Rear Sway Bar from MKV/VI GTI/GLI
  4. WTB: mk4 golf/jetta hood latch & golf front lower valence
  5. FS: Spec strage 2+ clutch and steel flywheel 2002-2005 audi a4 1.8t $900
  6. WTB: Trailer hitch for MK3 golf.
  7. FS: Parting 1998 mk3 Jetta GLX vr6 Manual - NEBRASKA
  8. FS: B6 Passat Accessories (Monster Mats, Base bars, AUX In, Bentley CD, Smoked turns,etc)
  9. FS: Fk coilovers b5a4 quattro
  10. Feeler: 98 tdi jetta part out- engine/tranny/etc etc
  11. WTB: Mk3 2.0 downpipe
  12. FS: Timing Belt Kit. (Oem plus) from MJM autohaus.
  13. WTB: Metal thermostat housing
  14. WTB: Mk2 dual grille with the rad support.
  15. WTB: vw 1.6 diesel injector pump pulley
  16. FS: B6 A4 Mass Airflow Sensor
  17. WTB: B5 A4 Parts
  18. WTB: MK3 Jetta Glx radiator fan.
  19. FS: Audi cargo net (B5 A4/S4) P/N 8D9861873
  20. FS: Audi Net Partition (B5 A4/S4) Anthracite
  21. FS: MK3 Euro switch single fog
  22. FS: VW Monster Mats
  23. WTB: ABA heads
  24. WTB: Lower K Bar
  25. WTB: WTB a mk4 gti grey bumper
  26. WTB: Rabbit interior parts and bumpers
  27. WTB: 4k or 2h close ratio transmission (rabbit gti/ rocco 16v) 020
  28. WTB: WTB mk4 Fuel Pump
  29. FS: FS/FT: 034 IIC w/ Harness VR6.
  30. WTB: MKIV 2 door roof bars
  31. WTB: mk2 recaros
  32. FS: Mk4 GTi front and rear seats
  33. FS: 1998.5 Audi A4 Tail Lights.
  34. WTB: WTB: Gated oil pan for 1.8
  35. WTB: I am in need of B6 Avant interior and parts...........
  36. FS: Mk5 gti steering wheel w/ airbag $350
  37. FS: 20thae steering wheel/shifter/parking brake boot
  38. FS: 1998 Audi A4 Pre Facelift 2 Piece Headlights
  39. WTB: obd2 aba
  40. FS: Mk4 gti cargo carpet and trim
  41. FS: BNIB 12V VR6 Cylinder Head, Gaskets, and Tools
  42. WTB: MK6 Jetta front bumper cover. WTB
  43. WTB: B5 A4 1.8T flywheel/clutch
  44. WTB: VR6 Coiilpack
  45. WTB: MK2 jetta FL fender and big bumpers (tonado red)
  46. FS: FS stock dv mk4
  47. WTB: ASAP: 16v motronic fuel pressure regulator.
  48. FS: Mk 2 grille (red)
  49. FS: MK1 Suspension and Griffin Radiator
  50. FS: Custom Redline Goods MKV shift boot & knob
  51. FS: For sale- corbeau/recaro seat rails (adjustable) for A1/A2 cars- $20
  52. WTB: Mk4 front and rear bumper covers
  53. WTB: ASAP: mk3 aba downpipe
  54. WTB: 16v rear motor mount bracket
  55. FS: B5 Passat 4mo Sedan rear seat- black leather, 3 headrests, no armrest.
  56. WTB: Mk1 Heater box and diesel alternator mount
  57. FS: BBS RM/RS Lips
  58. FS: Parting: 1992 Golf GTI 16v Monte Green - nebraska
  59. FS: TONS O' 2001 GTI parts! CHEAP. Make me offers. Can deliver big stuff.
  60. WTB: mk4 vr6 motor mounts
  61. WTB: MK1 Front Coilovers
  62. WTB: MkIII Hatch lincense plate bucket/tray
  63. FS: S2 3B Parts, Roose Motorsports, 034, Southbend
  64. FS: A pair of Audi 01A Transmissions
  65. WTB: B5 A4/S4 parts car
  66. FS: 5x100 steelies $60
  67. WTB: B5 A4 stock suspension
  68. FS: EBC Front Pads Green MKV GTI
  69. FS: B5 A4/Passat T3 Turbo Kit
  70. WTB: MK4 blue lagoon bumper
  71. WTB: Passat B3/Corrado/Mk3 VR6 front subframe-cross member
  72. WTB: ASAP: 02O Lower Belhousing Cover
  73. WTB: Mk2 fuel pump
  74. Feeler: Black 96 GTI 2.0 Complete Partout. Yes, THE GTI.
  75. FS: vw golf mk4 tail lights
  76. FS: FS: Podi Boost Gauge with vent mount and plumbing
  77. FS: FS: Golf GTI / R Weather thech Floor Liners plus trunk liner
  78. WTB: WANTED: MK4 stock suspension
  79. FS: MAF for B5 A4
  80. FF: MK5 Rabbit Springs
  81. FF: MK1 Audi TT Lower Grilles
  82. WTB: Someone trade me a chipped AEB ECU for my stock
  83. WTB: MK2 Recaros
  84. FS: UrS4 Euro headlights
  85. WTB: mk4 golf/jetta parts needed
  86. WTB: Running 12v VR6
  87. FS: Parting out MK3 GTI VR6
  88. WTB: Black MKIV Jetta Fenders and Antenna Base
  89. WTB: NEED digi II ecu
  90. FS: Mk4 REAR Bilstien PSS9 coilovers
  91. FS: Golf R "Street" Downpipe
  92. WTB: TDI 5th gear for 020 trans
  93. WTB: Mk3 OE Jetta Grille
  94. FS: BNIB ST Coilovers
  95. FS: Falken Eurowinter HS449 Snow tires. Almost new. 225x40x18
  96. FS: Digi-Fast 2 chip
  97. FT: 2012 aluminum for wood trim trade?
  98. WTB: Partial Facelift 99.5 B5 A4 1.8t Interior Trim and facelift Climatronic
  99. WTBorrow: Anyone have a stock mk5/6 2.0t down pipe?
  100. WTB: 1.8 8v headers
  101. FS: Powder coated G60 transmission case
  102. WTB: mk3 under body splash guards
  103. FF: Free: MK IV 1.8T factory downpipe with factory Cat
  104. FS: VW, Audi, some Porsche
  105. FS: Never used 12v VR6 oil pump - $100
  106. FS: Audi B5 S4 parts: APR Stage 2 ECU, AWE intake, grill, AWE boost gauge
  107. FS: Mk4/5/6 xb unibrace
  108. WTB: 2L 16v ignition coil (cis-e motronic)
  109. FS: BNIB MK2 Koni front strut inserts (adjustable).
  110. FS: AEB Motor
  111. FS: Mk5 4 door Golf/GTI OEM body kit. New in boxes!
  112. WTB: Mk4 1.8t AWP ECM harness
  113. WTB: 20th GTI Lip Kit
  114. WTBorrow: MKIV 2 door roof rack
  115. WTB: WTB MK4 GTI L side manual seat base or black leather heated seat
  116. FS: Silver 2000 1.8t Part Out.
  117. FS: MK4 roof rack with bike mount
  118. WTB: Mk3 Hella Fog lights & smoked Hella sidemarkers
  119. WTB: Complete Mk4 2dr Tan Leather Interior
  120. FS: Parting 1987 Scirocco 16v - Nebraska
  121. WTB: ABA Bottom end preferrably in running condition
  122. WTB: MK2 Small Bumper Front License plate bracket
  123. FS: mk1 rabbit parts 16v parts aba parts
  124. FS: C2 42#chip 2.0 aba obd1 & 70mm maf
  125. FS: Eip stage 3 268 cam chip obd2
  126. FS: New Drivers edition shift knob w/boot
  127. WTB: MK4 Jetta front bumper
  128. FS: FS: PTE 880's Brand New
  129. FS: glx tdi part out
  130. FS: *not mine* B5 cloth sport seats, "mint"
  131. WTB: WTB: MK4 adjustable sway bar end links
  132. FS: MKIV roof rack
  133. FS: mk4 gti hatch
  134. FS: 2.0 16v Race Engine / Racing Safety Equipment
  135. FS: Audi B5 1.8t A4 Parts
  136. FS: MK4 GTI front hubs, brake and calipers, Tip Tronic Axles
  137. FS: 01 GTI VR6 12 v engine - Tree Hundo
  138. WTB: Wanted: MKIV Golf 2.0 parts
  139. WTB: C5 RS6 lower grill inlet
  140. WTB: MK1 BNIB front Strut mount
  141. WTB: MK1 Rabbit/GTI Catalytic Converter or Similar
  142. WTB: Mk4 Power Window Harness - 2dr
  143. WTB: Mk4 Tan Lower Dash, Glovebox Door, Center Console with Cup Holder
  144. FS: MK3 Euro fender flares and GTI clip on wide rub strips, 4 door and VR6 spoiler
  145. WTB: Trophy Recaros
  146. WTB: Mark 3 e-brake tube/guide
  147. WTB: AWW 1.8t Upper and lower PCV pipes..
  148. FS: F/S: OEM H.I.D. MK4 Jetta headlights
  149. WTB: MK1 Coilovers, Seats, Braces
  150. FS: MKV R Steering Wheel, Euroswitch, Rabbit Votex Lip, Individual Badge
  151. WTB: MK5/6 Golf 2.5 goodies
  152. FS: H&R Race springs 29527 BNIB MK4 GTI $200
  153. FS: 2003 VW Santa Monicas with contipro SSR's a little under 50% tread $450bo
  154. FS: Pioneer app radio 2 with MK4 GTI installation kit $250 Minty
  155. FS: Hella MK4 GTI headlights w/fogs and OEM VW Headlight/fog light switch $75bo
  156. FS: MK4 GTI black Passenger side and Driver side doors
  157. WTB: Mk3 PARTS
  158. WTB: WTB mk4 coilovers
  159. FT: MK3 Coils/wheels for stock
  160. FS: after market gli side skirts mk4
  161. FS: R32 short shift for a 6 spd 02M, part#1J0711051M $50 obo
  162. FS: MK4 gti window regulators with motors and glass BEST OFFER
  163. WTB: WTB: OBD2 ABA motor
  164. WTB: MK4 jetta drivers side fender and bumper
  165. FS: Part out: 2000 VW Jetta VR6 Stg3 supercharged
  166. WTB: B5 A4 lower strut bar thing.
  167. WTB: Toywagen 8v AC delete pully (or factory non-AC alt pully)
  168. FS: MK3 Golf 4pt Roll Bar w/diagonal
  169. FS: Old School 3-Piece Billet Gas Cap
  170. WTB: looking for b4 Passat coilovers
  171. WTB: MK1/2/3 020 Transmission / clutch
  172. FS: Audi T-fitting ( part number 4A0819497)
  173. FS: Flex-a-lite 365 Scirocco Radiator Fan
  174. Feeler: Headed home on leave in Aug. CLEAN set of MK2 Power Recaros anyone? $600 OBO.
  175. FS: Audi/VW B5 A4/S4/RS4/Passat, C5 A6/S6/RS6 034 Motorsport Density upper control arms
  176. WTB: mk3 gti hatch
  177. WTB: B4 Side Marker Lens, Misc other B4 parts listed inside...
  178. WTB: Passenger side knuckle 6spd 02M
  179. WTB: WTB MK4 Interior Parts
  180. FS: Parting 1980 2dr Rabbit 1.5D
  181. FS: Euro 16v intakes, ABF Golf 3 and 50mm Golf 2
  182. FS: B3 Passat sedan Euro rear plate mount
  183. WTB: MK3 Jetta VR6 Suspension
  184. FS: MK4 European sport instrument clusters, half and full FIS
  185. FS: Golf 2 Euro under dash trays, non AC extra deep
  186. FS: FS: Recaro parts pieces- bases/bolsters/helios covers
  187. FS: Dirt Cheap mk4 Interior
  188. WTB: Mk4 Jetta Grill
  189. FS: Scirocco 2 Zender Z400 8-piece kit
  190. FS: MK5 R32 dark red Euro tails
  191. WTB: Mk4 Jetta coilovers
  192. FS: 1993-1999 Volkswagen Jetta OEM Hood + More Mk3 Parts
  193. WTB: mk4 jetta bumper
  194. FS: Parts for mk4
  195. WTB: Wanted! A1 rabbit (cabrio) front flares- no front spoiler version- not gti
  196. FS: nice factory floor mats, older steering wheel and GTI somked tails, mk3 top glove box
  197. WTB: mk2 8V or ABA 8V
  198. FS: Many B5 Audi A4 1.8t Parts Liquidation! Cheap parts!
  199. WTB: 12v VR6 Oil Pan ASAP!!!
  200. WTB: Looking for a TSI wastegate clip
  201. WTB: WTB: '13 CC R-Line Front Bumper
  202. FS: Cheap Gauges, Forge 007, Forge TIP
  203. WTB: AWP head
  204. FS: 2 Good ABAs worth of bottom end internals and 2 heads.
  205. FS: 01 TT 225q part out.
  206. WTB: Looking for a MK3 jetta roof rack
  207. FS: GTI MKIV R32 Control Arm Bushings
  208. WTB: Rabbit GTI or similar ignition module harness
  209. WTB: WTB: 1.8T Timing Belt/Water Pump Kit
  210. WTB: A4 pass side trans mnt bracket, aftrmrkt test pipe, down tube,tip,silvr fenders
  211. FS: B5 Passat New Aftermarket (OEM Style) Wood Shift Knob and Boot
  212. FT: My recaro trophies for your recaro greys
  213. FS: MK3 2.0 partout. Mulberry Jetta
  214. WTB: Mk2 golf seats
  215. FF: FREE MK3 factory smoke GTI taillights
  216. FS: MKV Rabbit/GTI Bentley Service Manual
  217. FS: AEB head, intake, junk k04 turbo, complete harness, lots of misc- $100
  218. FS: Miscellaneous OEM Parts for VW/Audi
  219. FS: New VW Key Fob--Cheap
  220. FS: 82 rabbit pickup vent window seals and frames
  221. WTB: MK4 Euroswitch
  222. WTB: wtb ko4 for my 03 audi a4 quattro
  223. FS: 2000 B5 A4 1.8T Partout Silver W/Grey Headliner/Pillars and Black Pleather
  224. WTB: catback for mk3 jetta
  225. FS: AEB 1.8t Motor / Engine - For sale / Trade - Nebraska
  226. WTB: Manual Recaro Bases
  227. FS: Mk3 Golf/GTI Strut Bar
  228. FS: MK4 Jetta front end for repair or Jolf/JTi conversion
  229. FS: MK2 Golf GTI parts all looking for a new home
  230. WTB: Cabriolet parts ('89)
  231. FS: MK2 Used Ignition Control Module w/heat sink, ECM/ECU, Complete NEW Sunroof Seal Kit
  232. FS: Parting a MK1 2dr
  233. WTB: WTB: MK1 2 into 1 downpipe
  234. WTB: MK3 Jetta/Golf fuel pump
  235. FS: Cleaning out shop - lots of parts - car - project cars - rims - located in Nebraska
  236. WTB: coolant flange from a 3B or 7A
  237. WTB: Corrado Seats
  238. FS: Audi A4 (B6/B7 chassis) Neuspeed 21mm Rear Anti-Roll Bar
  239. WTB: MKV Front Grille Emblem
  240. WTB: Mk4 gti parts - Blk pass. door card, Cat back stock exhaust, blk glove box/latch
  241. FS: 2008 Jetta Curt trailer hitch used once
  242. FS: B4 Passat Part Out
  243. WTB: WTB MK4 2.0 MAF Sensor
  244. FS: 1.8T Valvecover and Ignition coils
  245. FS: 2011 VW Jetta leather steering wheel
  246. WTB: gli lip needed
  247. FF: VW lug bolts
  248. FS: VW MK2 GTI Golf misc parts FREE Today.
  249. FF: Random VW parts golf, jetta and passat springs
  250. WTB: MKIV GLI stock suspension or cheap coilovers