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  1. FS: obd2 12v vr6 engine / tranny swap - nebraska
  2. WTB: mk3 jetta automatic transmission trans code: CLK!
  3. FT: MkIV tan leather heated seats for black leather heated seats.
  4. WTB: MK2 parts
  5. WTB: long shot: b3 passat exhaust.
  6. FS: RC Engineering 750cc and Siemen Deka 630cc Injectors
  7. FS: 5x100-to-5x130 wheel adapters
  8. WTB: Looking for mkv gti roof rack!
  9. FS: R32 front Bumper **REP**
  10. FS: MK4 amber side markers
  11. FS: WTT/FS VR6 Cat cams
  12. FS: HyperBoost Diverter Valve
  13. FS: 97 golf part out. Lots of mods! Indiana
  14. WTBorrow: Roof Rack - MK5 Jetta
  15. WTB: Wanted: Early "Kamei" sticker
  17. WTB: 2001 Volkswagen passat parts..
  18. FS: O2J transmission
  19. FS: MFD2 HeadUnit out of Toureg Used in my 2010 Jetta - 325
  20. WTB: 1.8T Cylinder Head for Beetle
  21. FS: vw b5 passat 1.8t part out
  22. WTB: MKIV Jetta Windshield wiper motor
  23. WTB: mkiv blower motor
  24. WTB: Ignition coil for 92 GTi 8v.
  25. WTB: 2.8L, 30v, V6, wanted...
  26. WTB: Coilpack for MK3 OBD2 VR6
  27. FS: MkIV Jetta Wiper motor
  28. FS: 94 volkswagen jetta 2.0 part out
  29. WTB: MK4 TDI 5th gear Syncro hub
  30. WTB: B5 A4 tail light
  31. WTB: or trade Looking for 020 4K trans
  32. WTB: Passat B4 rear springs
  33. WTB: 'specialty tools' to do struts on MK4
  34. WTBorrow: Buy/whatever vw 1.6 diesel timing dial indicator
  35. WTB: MK4 jetta stuff. Rear valance, brushed aluminum..
  36. WTB: Mk2 westy front
  37. FS: MK4 Jetta Parts
  38. WTB: 01 Audi A4 Silver front passanger door.
  39. FS: neuspeed mkII & mkIII strut tower braces
  40. WTB: b6 fwd lowering springs
  41. WTB: I am looking for VR ECU....
  42. [Sold] MK5/MK6 JOM Coilovers
  43. WTB: MKIV Jetta full exhaust 2.0L
  44. WTB: B5 or B5.5 Passat driver's side wiper arm (Passat only, B5 A4s are smaller)
  45. WTB: Weber 45s
  46. FS: 7mm Adaptec Spacers & Bolts
  47. FS: MK3 golf jetta custom interior parts MK3.5 cabrio cluster switches glove box flyers
  48. WTB: RECARO Seat Brackets.....
  49. FS: stock mk4 1.8t large hole intercooler with shroud $20
  50. WTB: WTB - MKV gti roof rack BASE BARS
  51. FS: RARE old school BAE turbo setup, GAS
  52. WTB: non power steering rack for a mk2 jetta
  53. WTB: B5 A4 arm rest
  54. FS: one 18" usp wheel for spare
  55. FS: 2001 Audi TT Rear Bumper and Misc Parts
  56. FS: 81 diesel rabbit wrecked Anyone need any parts?
  57. Feeler: Feeler: Mk3 VrT part out.
  58. WTB: B5 A6 lowering springs?
  59. FS: Spring Cleaning: Tons of Mk2 & Mk3 Parts For Sale
  60. WTB: MK4 passenger side headlight
  61. WTB: /WTT: MK4 Golf/GTI Hood and Drivers Side Fender in Reflex Silver
  62. FS: MK1 parts
  63. WTB: 2003 Passat GLX owners manual, audio dial knobs
  64. [Sold] GT28RS Turbo kit
  65. WTB: i know its a long shot but...
  66. WTB: forge BOV springs
  67. FS: mk4 gti tan leather seats, headlights / FF: tan hatch door card, badgeless grille
  68. FS: complete 1.8t awp engine and 6 speed trans
  69. [Sold] mkIV Jetta rear hatch
  70. FS: 2000 Passat 1.8t COMPLETE part out
  71. FS: 2-Door MK4 Roof Rack with Snowboard and Bike attachments - $150
  72. FS: GTI 337 Full Exhaust (Stock 85k) - $200
  73. WTB: Mk2 front right fender
  74. WTB: Audi 016 tranny
  75. WTB: Transmission, clutch, fly wheel and preasure plate.
  76. FS: you mk4 guys might want this!!
  77. FS: oem used 20thae front lip/rear valence
  78. FS: used FK streetline coilovers
  79. WTB: Cold start injector connector
  80. WTB: Stock exhaust for a MK3 Jetta GLX.
  81. WTB: MK4 front VW emblem
  82. FS: Random Mk2 Black Interior & Exterior Trim
  83. FS: Mk2 hatch and tail lights
  84. FS: OEM VW/Audi Reflex Silver & Clear Touch Up Paint Pens. Used Once on a Rock Chip.
  85. WTB: mk4 gti headlights
  86. FS: mk3 thule roof rack with fairing and snowboard holder
  87. WTB: 2000 Jetta VR6 12v downpipe
  88. WTB: mkiv gti rear axle beam brackets/mounts asap
  89. WTB: zender z20
  90. WTB: MK4 gti driver side door
  91. FS: MK2 SHRICK 16V Performance parts RECAROS and more........
  92. WTB: WTB MK4 Golf 4 Door Roof Rack
  93. FS: Garrett GT4294 $500obo
  94. WTB: Non ABS O2A Brake Booster, Master, and Res
  95. WTB: Rear MK3 engine and trans mounts, ABA PS pump, 02A clutch master cylinder
  96. [Resolved] MK4 Catalytic Converter
  97. WTB: a back up 1.8t for my 03 audi a4
  98. WTB: BBM 8V Fuel Rail w/ fittings.
  99. WTB: Vw cabriolet mk1 engine wiring harness
  100. FT: WTT: Mk3 Sport plaid seats for K2 (98') or black heated leather
  101. WTB: 020.
  102. FS: H&R adapters 5x100-5x130 20mm, 30mm
  103. FS: 02A Trans/ OBDI and OBDII Manifolds w/ TB
  104. [Resolved] mk2 aero grille with silver emblem
  105. FS: Spring cleaning: b5 a4/s4 items
  106. WTB: MK3 tail light bulb holder
  107. FS: parting 1987 vw scirocco 2.0 16v - nebraska
  108. FS: /FT: Kamei Mesh Grill B5 Passat
  109. WTB: MK2 drivers door
  110. FS: Forge 007
  111. WTB: Mark4 2.0l Ignition Coil Pack
  112. FS: FS: Early Audi 4000/Coupe GT lower front valence
  113. WTB: Oil pump for VR6 motor
  114. WTB: MKIII VR6 power steering pump and ABA oil pump
  115. WTB: Audi Concert Radio Dead or Alive
  116. FS: 034 transverse 1.8t 3" ss catless dp and mid pipe.
  117. FS: Vogtland Jr Cup Kit for B6/B7 A4 @ Nur Technik
  118. WTB: WTB: Solex 32 (right) linkage relay lever
  119. WTB: MKIV Golf/GTI Rear bumper cover and right tail light URGENTLY
  120. WTB: pair of 5x100 spacers and badgeless gti mk4 grille
  121. WTB: MK3 GTI Bumper
  122. WTB: obd1 vr6 distributor
  123. WTB: B5 avant crossbars and bike attachment
  124. FS: OBD1 VR6 parts (pistons, timing covers, axles, more), Corrado fog, brakes
  125. FT: Trade 2H 020 5Spd for ACN, 8A, FF
  126. WTB: Need clutch for '92 Cabriolet
  127. WTB: 12v vr6 crank. ASAP.
  128. WTB: oem vw gti mk4 2door locking roof rack cover with a key
  129. WTB: OBD1 ABA Engine Harness
  130. FS: /FT Thule roof rack for mk3 jetta/golf with bike, snowboard, fairing
  131. FS: Carbonio CAI MKIV 1.8T
  132. WTB: Rear shocks for a MK3 golf
  133. FS: MKV R32 Schrick Cams 268/264
  134. FT: or FS: 4x100 Spacers
  135. WTB: mk2 vw parts (pulley, booster)
  136. WTB: Mk3 Golf Door. Left Rear.
  137. FS: ECS tuning textured smoked side markers. fender and bumper
  138. FS: A/C stuffs and boom boom adjuster
  139. WTB: 2001 Audi TT Air Bag Module
  140. WTB: Aftermarket engine mounts
  141. WTB: What happens when you get the wrong parts?
  142. WTB: White mk3 drivers front and rear door
  143. FS: Garage Sale! Cheap Parts!
  144. WTB: MK3 Sequoia Green Drivers side front fender.
  145. FS: mk4 golf/gti trailer hitch
  146. WTB: 5x100 to 5x130 adapters
  147. WTB: MK4 front fender liners
  148. FS: 15mm 20mm ECS Wheel Spacers
  149. FS: Recaro Sport Toplines
  150. WTB: MK2 Radiator
  151. Feeler: VW GTI 1.8t MK4 5 Speed Trans Entire Swap AVAILABLE SOON 63,000
  152. FS: mk4 jetta monstermats, black mk4 glove box
  153. FS: mk3,mk4,mk1 parts and a vr6 jetta car
  154. WTB: MK3 2.0 5spd ECU and white drivers fender
  155. WTB: MK2 Jetta Headliner
  156. WTB: MKIV Hood
  157. FS: Mk2 Jetta Parts- 1990- 8v- GL- Leaves- Grease- Oil/Coolant mixture.
  158. WTB: MK4 coilovers and grille
  159. WTB: Mkv fsi k03
  160. WTB: aeb head
  161. FS: Audi 7a 5cyl 20v Parts
  162. FS: New Mk3 4cyl Front Struts / Shocks
  163. WTB: mk1 coilovers
  164. WTBorrow: fender roller
  165. WTB: Looking for rabbit pickup fuel tank
  166. WTB: wtb mk3 vr6 oil pan
  167. FS: MK4 Monsoon Amp, Double DIN Stereo + Aftermarket Alpine Type-S Speakers
  168. FS: MK3 Votex Roof Rack
  169. FS: VR6 Engine with 5 speed Transmission.
  170. FS: Part out mk2 vr supercharged, d90s, Cali shell
  171. FS: Vortech v9 stg2 kit vr6 obd2
  172. WTB: Antenna for a mk2, I want my radio back.
  173. FS: new mk4 r32 front bumper
  174. WTB: KW spring isolator
  175. WTB: MK4 jetta - front bumper rub strip
  176. WTB: Wtb: 02a shifter box or cables
  177. FS: Bfi stage 2 mount kit
  178. FS: Fender Liner - Left vw golf mk4
  179. WTB: MK1 Audi TT225 exhaust and suspension ( Will trade borla and coilovers for stock)
  180. FS: Brand New ECS 5x100/5x112 2mm spacers
  181. FS: mk4 gti stock airbox
  182. FS: 1.8t Head / Street performence cams
  183. FS: gli/20th pedal kit
  184. FS: BBM Mk2/g60 solid front motor mount
  185. FS: *******2003 mk4 gti 1.8t part-out********
  186. FS: B5 Passat GLX part out
  187. FS: MKV stock downpipe. fo free!
  188. WTB: mk2 jetta rear doors rust free
  189. WTB: stock mk2 suspension
  190. FS: Full size Audi spare/ 4x100 steelies
  191. WTBorrow: Power Bleeder
  192. FS: B6 Passat Caractere Rear Valance
  193. FS: MK2, MK3 and ABA parts
  194. FS: CV axle halfshaft NEW - B5 Passat / Audi A4 Automatic
  195. FS: GIAC chipped A box 25.1.2000 build date.
  196. WTB: Mk6 sportwagen hi line grill
  197. WTB: Mk3 Driver's Side Front Door Harness
  198. WTB: Upper and lower coolant hoses for MK3 VR6
  199. WTB: mk3 golf cargo cover
  200. WTB: Coilpack and maybe some wires 1999 passat V6
  201. WTB: 5x100 5-10mm spacers (NEEDED ASAP)
  202. WTB: Aba motor
  203. FS: Cheap MK4 Coilovers
  204. FS: 02A DSS 500hp axles. $450 OR $400 + a transmission for trans installation
  205. FS: 110% VRT Project/Motor Swap
  206. WTB: /WFF: MK3 cluster, dead or alive
  207. FS: Universal catch can$25, MK4 amber side markers $15 and ECS dogbone mount bushings $25
  208. FS: Treadstone TRE-TR11 Front Mount Intercooler b5/b6 a4
  209. WTB: WTB: working VR coilpack
  210. WTB: WTB: mk1 tt coilovers
  211. FS: MK II GTI 16v parts (Engine, Trans, CIS-e, Interior Bits, and more) - MN
  212. WTB: MKIV R32 Cupra lip
  213. WTB: VW MK4 Black Passenger Fender
  214. FS: MK4 Golf/GTI Windshield
  215. WTB: MK2 drivers big door
  216. WTB: MK3 Clutch master, line, and slave
  217. WTB: VW 1.6 diesel head solid lifter
  218. FS: ABA Obd2 Mk3 Neuspeed Supercharger
  219. WTB: MKV Rabbit carpet floormats
  220. FS: MK3 Front Brake rotors 10.1" Zimmerman & Porterfield R4-S Pads
  221. FS: Audi Coupe Quattro US-spec Headlights
  222. WTB: mk4 rear calipers.
  223. FS: parting 98 a4 1.8tq automatic
  224. FS: Parting out 84 GTI: Black Exterior, Red Interior, Hot 8V, 2H, Suspension
  225. FS: VW VR6 O2J LSD Peloquin BRAND NEW
  226. FS: Mk2 Fender, Rear Door Cards, Half Smoked Tails, Other Parts
  227. WTB: 02A Drive flange
  228. FS: 330mm BBK for Audi b5 (and possibly others)
  229. FS: 93-99 Jetta/Golf front support
  230. FS: MKII Lower radiator grille - NEW
  231. WTB: Water Distribution Pipe mk4 1.8t
  232. WTB: Black MK4 Glovebox
  233. WTB: MK1 dual pipe downpipe, MK3 stock ECU
  234. WTB: mk2 Round headlight support
  235. FS: 1999 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro Part Out
  236. WTB: Mk4 1.8t 5 Speed PS Hose and Pump
  237. FS: 5x100 to 5x112 Adapters
  238. FS: MK4 Golf/GTI/R32 carbon fiber boser hood
  239. WTB: 4cyl O2a trans (corrado,passat,tdi)
  240. FS: Euro 50mm 16v intake manifold
  241. FS: MKIII Euro Radiator support $130 NEW
  242. FS: C5 A6 all weather mats
  243. FS: Mk6 R rear bumper conversion
  244. FS: Misc MK3, turbo, and MK1 parts
  245. WTB: mk2 rear doors (preferably tornado red)
  246. FS: 2006 APR R32 Exhaust with Diffuser for Gti Conversion to R32 - Best Offer
  247. FS: Audi aspherical side mirrors Fits pre-facelift A3 (8P), A4/S4 (8E) and A6 (4F)
  248. FS: 2.0T FSI cold air intake
  249. FS: MK1 Stock Front Suspension & MK4 Rear Headrest
  250. WTB: MK3 Golf/Jetta High Side A/C Line