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  1. FS: VW Golf MKVI, Jetta, CC - Aspherical Mirrors - heater - Blue tinted
  2. FS: OEM RS4 rear head rest for MK4
  3. WTB: Looking for Intake manifold
  4. FS: mishimoto intercooler
  5. WTB: MK2 MK3 or Rado coilovers
  6. WTB: Cat for a BPY 2.0T
  7. FF: Forge yellow spring
  8. WTB: awp ecu
  9. WTB: 16V idle stabilizer valve hoses
  10. WTB: obd1 ABA crankshaft, oil squirters.
  11. FS: GTI 1.8 Aftermarket/stock
  12. WTB: 1.8t valve cover
  13. FS: 1.8t awp ecu apr tuned
  14. FS: 1.8t engine block and a few cylinder heads.
  15. WTB: anyone have a 7a, 3b, AAN, and other Audi things?
  16. WTB: MK4 Jetta reflex silver front bumper
  17. WTB: 02 1.8t for a passat automatic.
  18. FS: NOS Kamei Trunk Spoiler
  19. WTB: Looking for parts for a build
  20. WTB: Black Jetta Upper Glove Box
  21. FT: MOMO steering wheel
  22. WTB: mk1 late westy grille
  23. WTB: 1.6 diesel turbo or non turbo.
  24. FS: S2T Performance VW Paddel Shifters - Black
  25. FS: ECS R36 Dead Pedal Kit
  26. FS: Roof Rack Basket
  27. FS: MK3 headlight lamps
  28. FS: 13" Bottlecaps
  29. FS: Mk4 Dual ColumnPod
  30. FS: Mk4 stock down pipe, muffler
  31. WTB: adapter sleeve that goes on the shaft behind the steering wheel
  32. Feeler: k03 turbo out of mk4 passat
  33. FT: 5x112 17.5mm spacers for 20-25's
  34. FT: Trade MK4 Golf hatch panels for Hatch carpet.
  35. FS: F/S NEW MK4 Control Arms and A arm bushings F/S
  36. FS: Few after market parts and some stock parts. MKIV
  37. WTB: AEB 1.8t head: lower miles, bent valves is okay!
  38. FS: vr obd2 techtonics chip
  39. WTB: Wanted: Mk IV GLI Sideskirt (left side)
  40. FS: MK4 leftovers
  41. FS: Brand New Audi S6 DRL LEDs with Connectors
  42. WTB: stock audi b5 speakers
  43. FS: Votex roof rack mk4 2 door golf
  44. WTB: 20th AE front lip
  45. [Sold] mk4 TDI 5th gear set / washer and gasket
  46. FS: Mk3 vr header, smoked fogs/turns, goofy side mirrors
  47. FS: raceland 4x100 to 5x130 adapters still in box!
  48. WTB: MK1 dual outlet Downpipe
  49. WTB: vr6 coil pack
  50. FS: Parting. 2002 gti 24v 6 speed. - nebraska
  51. FS: b6a41.8tq's forsale and partout thread
  52. WTB: b6 a4 aftermarket suspension and engine related parts
  53. FS: feeler: part out mk3 JTI or buy as whole
  54. FS: Mk4 Jetta Body Parts (black)
  55. WTB: AEG lower and upper intake
  56. FS: complete vr turbo kit + xtras
  57. WTB: mk3 euro heaflight switch
  58. WTB: 02j manual tranny
  59. FS: MKIV R32 Door Sills $50/obo
  60. WTB: MK2 non-hydraulic rear motor mount bracket.
  61. WTB: mk2 flares, 4-door
  62. FS: MK3 Golf Roof Rack and 2 Trek Bike attachments
  63. WTB: mk3 3 2.0 fuel pump/starter
  64. FS: MKIII JETTA heated leather seats
  65. WTB: Bike mounts for oem roof rack...
  66. FS: PSI Concepts Oil and Coolant Line Kit. 1.8t (B5/B6/058/06A)
  67. FS: front r32 brake calipers
  68. FS: Mk3: smoked e codes, shaved bumper&hatch
  69. FS: mk3 vr high flow cat
  70. WTB: Mk4 GTI (2 door) Roof Rack
  71. WTB: Hazard switch
  72. FS: H&R race springs. mkIV, stock 1.8t intercooler &TiP
  73. FS: MKII stuff MKIV EBC slotted rotors and mintex pads
  74. [Sold] MK4 Skid Plate - Evolution Import
  75. FS: MK4 R32 Magnaflow exhaust w/ factory R32 resonator
  76. WTB: Antenna and B3 glass sunroof, mirrors
  77. FS: momo steering wheel and adapter piece
  78. WTB: looking for a couple mk4 gti body parts
  79. FS: Performance RPS Kit - ECS Cross Drilled & Slotted Rotors And EBC Redstuff Pads *NEW*
  80. FS: VAG COM cable K11-usb
  81. FS: rare-ish mkIII parts
  82. WTB: Mk2 jetta small bumpers. (silver stripe)
  83. WTB: wanted: Mk1 Rabbit Brown Dash and tan seats - Nebraska
  84. FS: Mk3 Votex Roof Rack with Extras
  85. FS: 5x100 to 5x130 H&R adapters
  86. FS: MK2 Scirocco Zender Widebody Z400 kit.
  87. FS: Mk3 Leathers/Tails/BoserCHEAP!
  88. FS: Parting - 1980 VW Truck - auto 8v - nebraska
  89. WTB: MKIV plastic fuel line
  90. WTB: mk2 badged grille, smoked cross hairs
  91. WTB: Mk3 3bar badgeless GOLF grill.
  92. FS: redline 75-90 2 quarts unopened $20
  93. WTB: mk2 8v digi isv
  94. FS: Helios Recaro (full interior)
  95. FS: mk2/mk3 parts
  96. WTB: MKV GTI Roof Rack
  97. WTB: 020 manual tranny
  98. FS: 12v vr6 Autotech 262 cams
  99. FS: F/S Vw gti 1.8t mk4 fk g21 front coilovers , door panels, door moduleS,wheels, bumper
  100. WTB: Wanted: mk4 GTi badgeless grill
  101. WTB: WTB: Mk4 Black Carpet Floor Mats + Front Bumper Valance / Lip
  102. FS: mk2 badgless grille w/ eyelid
  103. WTB: -possibly- MK4 Jetta pass. headlamp ass'y, front bumper ass'y (black), grille
  104. FS: Corbeau seats (1-pair) $800 obo
  105. FS: PD150/130 injectors
  106. FS: mk3 smoked tails/euro?
  107. FS: mk4 gof control arms $20
  108. FS: mkIII vr TB
  109. WTB: MK4 GTi steering wheel - three spoke
  110. FS: NEW NOS OEM MK2 Turbo Diesel Injection Pump NEW NOS OEM NLA
  111. FS: 1.8t Ignition coils with oem plugs
  112. FS: MK4/MK5 BFI Stage 2 Engine Mount - VR6 Engines - Passenger Side
  113. [Sold] MK4 Transmission Mount w/ BFI Stage 1 Inserts - VR6 Engines - Driver Side
  114. FS: MK1 tie rod ends
  115. FS: Mk2 Scirroco Wheel --SCI wheel hanging tool
  116. WTB: Lowering springs
  117. FS: corrado slc/mk3 vr6 test pipe
  118. WTB: MK2 Recaro Bases
  119. WTB: Mk1 Front Coilovers
  120. WTB: 1.8t longitudinal AC lines
  121. FS: Jetta parts galore!
  122. WTB: WTB: OBD 1 2.0 crossflow engine
  123. FS: random parts digi 2 ecu 10v audi t belt kit, 28. 30v heads
  124. FS: MK4 stock suspension
  125. FS: B5 A4/PASSAT koni and vogland suspension. $350
  126. WTB: mk4 coilovers
  127. WTB: 20th Stock Suspension OR MK4 sport cup kit
  128. WTB: Mk1 plastic euro bumpers
  129. WTB: MKIV Fuel Pump
  130. WTB: 95 GLX hood, fenders, trunk lid, others..
  131. WTB: Misc. MK4 parts
  132. FS: Votex Rack for Mk3's $80 OBO
  133. WTB: MK3 Jetta/Golf Vr6 Muffler
  134. WTB: (urgent) MK1 ignition control unit
  135. WTB: WTB: MK3 ignition coil (2), OBD1 distributor
  136. WTB: mk4 jetta coilovers and wheel spacers
  137. WTB: orrow: 4x100 Spacers
  138. WTB: Mk1 1.6l gas icm WTB
  139. WTB: I need a Mk1 gauge cluster
  140. FS: Mk4 GTi Aftermarket Grill
  141. WTB: Wobble bolts or wheel spacers
  142. WTB: mk4parts
  143. WTB: 96 vr6 auto transmission
  144. FS: MkIV Jetta Grey Seats, Belts, Carpet
  145. WTB: Montana Green Mk2 Hatch
  146. FF: B5 outer tie rods free used
  147. FS: Garage cleaning - Mk2/Vr6/Corrado Parts
  148. FS: mk2 H4 headlights
  149. WTB: Rear leather r32 seat or bolstered rear leather seat
  150. FS: One set (2) Vent Shade Part #ZVW-161-101
  151. FS: Audi 034 20v Trigger dampener.
  152. WTB: MKV GTI front brake rotors and dust shields
  153. FS: garage sale. MK1/MK2/MK3 everything $10.00
  154. WTB: 2.0 16v intake boot.
  155. WTB: 1.8t mk4 gti front mount
  156. FS: mk3 Golf front end.
  157. WTB: MKIV Jetta reflex silver front dr. side fender
  158. WTB: WTB: passenger side rear interior door panel black
  159. FS: Free B5 rear seat back
  160. FS: Mk4 Jetta Stuff
  161. WTB: new or good used 020 clutch disc (small input shaft)
  162. FS: MK5 crossdrilled rear rotors and lower Engine Mount
  163. FS: MK4 golf / gti hatch 75$
  164. Feeler: WTT? mk3 euro bumpers, I have textured tops, you have smooth tops, let's talk.
  165. WTB: VR coilpack
  166. WTB: MK1 GTI, GLI or Scirocco drivers seat. Fabric condition does not matter.
  167. WTB: Audi s4/rs4 hood grille. (possibly) cat delete B5!
  168. FS: Mk1 Jetta Euro headlights
  169. WTB: Wtb: mk2 brake master cylinder
  170. WTB: Or better yet have, any condition MK3 front GTI seat(s) and VR6 rear beam
  171. WTB: MKII golf parcel shelf
  172. FS: Freshly Rebuilt 02A with Quaife Differential $800
  173. WTB: mk1 coilovers
  174. FS: Passenger Rear Door for Jetta IV and misc. door parts
  175. FS: B5 Passat OEM Head Unit
  176. WTB: 96-97 Audi A4 Steering Wheel
  177. WTB: Fox power steeing rack
  178. WTB: Driver side Axle Assembly TODAY! 2004 Passat 1.8T 4 Motion AT
  179. FS: AWE Tuning turbo-back exhaust system for MK5 GTI
  180. FS: Audi 4000 quattro H&R race springs & Bilstein Sport strut inserts
  181. FS: 2004 R32 Blue Haldex Controller
  182. WTB: LOOKING for a good set of OEM or larger aftermarket sparkplug wires
  183. WTB: Audi 200 20v
  184. FS: MK3 Euro Turns (From Germany)
  185. FS: momo competition wheel
  186. WTB: Stock mk3 airbox(es).
  187. WTB: Audi tt belt tyensioner
  188. WTB: 30v v6 atq oil pan or whole engine
  189. WTB: Window Regulator with motor: 1996 Passat
  190. WTB: one piece headlights for my 01 a4.
  191. WTB: MK4 Rear Calipers?
  192. WTB: 8v starter
  193. WTB: B5 quattro coilovers. A4/s4/passat.
  194. FS: MK3 GTi Projector headlights (MK4 Look-a-like) W/ Hood and grill $120 Fast sale
  195. FS: mk4 oem/aftermarket parts
  196. WTB: MK4 lowered suspension...what ya got?
  197. WTB: 1.6 na diesel head!
  198. FS: 1.6l NA diesel complete motor
  199. WTB: mk1 coilovers/axle flip/u-bolts for 82 caddy: WTB
  200. FS: MK3 Roof Rack
  201. FS: Mk5 Euroswitch, Mk5 Jetta Monster Mats, 16" snows and a set of 14" Snowflakes
  202. WTB: MK2 Round Radiator Support
  203. WTB: 1.5 or 1.6 injector pump
  204. WTB: Few things I Need Mk4
  205. WTB: TT 225 MAF & Injectors
  206. WTB: Mk3 leather seat
  207. WTB: Mk3 O2A shifter box
  208. FS: Corrado G60 Fogs - $60
  209. WTB: MKIV key fob remote
  210. FS: MkV GLI stock suspension.
  211. FS: Oettinger MK4 GTI Grille
  212. WTB: Needed: MkIV Jetta Interior Stuff
  213. WTB: Mk4 Jetta Black Headliner and all black accesory pieces
  214. FS: 2008 R32 custom OEM exhaust
  215. FS: mk4 parts
  216. FS: misc mk2 stuff - nebraska
  217. FS: Factory G60/16V Fender Flares with side skirts NEVER BEEN USED.
  218. WTB: MK2 Jetta Roof Rack
  219. WTB: 12V VR6 coilpack
  220. FS: Eurospec 2.5" stainless steel cat back exhaust system. MK4 jetta
  221. FS: obd2 vr6
  222. WTB: MK IV Jetta Black Hood and Fenders
  223. WTB: obd1 vr throttle body, RIGHT NOW
  224. WTB: mk2 Jetta fog light switch
  225. WTB: mk1 upper trans mount!! 5 speed
  226. WTB: WTB: Late style cis injectors
  227. WTB: mk2 subframe (k-frame) and/or running ABA. mine broke.
  228. FS: / FT: MK4 GTI Hatch CHEAP
  229. FS: MK5 OEM Euro accessories
  230. WTB: MK4 (2006 VR6) Misc. parts
  231. FS: [SOLD] VW Mk4 GTI/Golf "4-Motion" Front Lip Valance
  232. WTB: MK2 Shift Alignment Tool
  233. FS: ABA tall block - $100 if picked up by 5/19 - mpls
  234. FS: FS/FT BBS RX2's
  235. FS: Early Rabbit/Cabriolet Bumpers
  236. FS: Sachs 16v sport clutch disc NEW!
  237. WTB: Mostly Crack-free Mk2 Dash
  238. FS: parting - 1997 golf vr6 gti 5 speed - nebraska
  239. WTB: WTB: 9A 2.0 16v good used
  240. WTB: TT engine cover brackets
  241. FS: MkV VW smoked side markers & iPhone 4/4S dash mount
  242. WTB: mk3 vr exhuast system thingamajigger.
  243. FS: Mk1 Bentley
  244. WTB: Audi 90 front shocks new/used but cheap!
  245. FS: g60 charger
  246. FS: ............ 16v bloody VALVE COVER with 12an vent port for breather hose.
  247. FS: CTS 50 trim kit!!!!
  248. FS: MK4 H&R ultra low coilovers
  249. WTB: Low-dust/Ceramic mk1 brake pads
  250. WTB: MK3 gti 3 bar/badgeless grill