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  1. WTB: MKV washer reservoir
  2. WTB: mk3 'banjo' keyfob.
  3. WTB: WTB mkv hid ballast
  4. FS: Turbo diesel conversion kit
  5. FS: thule roofrack
  6. FS: Passat badgeless grill - black/chrome
  7. FS: Mk3 jetta glx front doors
  8. FS: Uncommon Oil Pan guard off a Caddy.
  9. FT: Anyone want an AHA engine?
  10. FS: Random stuff laying around in my garage
  11. FS: UP for GRABS!!!... Brand new standalone
  12. FS: REVO sps3
  13. FS: Mk4 roof rack................
  14. WTB: MK4 Jetta left* rear door trim
  15. WTB..... 5x112 10mm spacers
  16. FS: ko3s turbo, boost hoses, tip, free rebuild kit with gaskets
  17. WTB: mk3 jetta parts
  18. FS: shaved and coated 16v valve cover
  19. WTB: rabbit seats
  20. WTB: 020 trans
  21. WTB: Trans bell housing
  22. WTB: 12v vr6 oil pan asap!!
  23. WTB: mk2 front rebar
  24. WTB: mk2 small euro bumper front
  25. FS: Parting: 97 gti VR6
  26. WTB: MKV Noise Pipe
  27. WTB: rabbit stuff.
  28. FS: mk1/diesel items
  29. WTB: mk3 2.0 instrument cluster
  30. WTB: needed- exhaust and/or flex pipe + cats for V6 B5 Passat
  31. WTB: mk3 golf 2.0L 5spd TRANSMISSION
  32. WTB: Mk3 snowboard attachment.
  33. WTB: Caddy roof rack
  34. FS: FS. FT. engines! haha pry other stuff to add also
  35. FS: Alpine W505 double din, ready to drop in MK5!!
  36. WTB: WFF: 4x100 vw hub assembly
  37. FS: MK4 Goodies
  38. FT: Iy 20th bumpers for r32 bumpers
  39. FS: mk3 parts for sale
  40. WTB: Audi 90 20V fuel injectors (NON-CIS)
  41. FS: B4 Passat Skid Plate + Other Misc Interior Parts
  42. FF: Free for Beer: B5 Passat control arms, sway links, front suspension (Woodbury)
  43. WTB: B5 Passat metal belly pan / skid plate
  44. FS: clean modified mk2 hatch
  45. FS: Whats left from the Corrado
  46. FS: lots of mk3 parts (part out)
  47. WTB: 16v crank
  48. WTB: Passenger side rear brake caliper for a mk4 golf 1.8t
  49. FS: b5 passat MONSTER mats
  50. WTB: MK3 jetta suspension and Roof rack
  51. WTB: stock 8v or 1.8T cams
  52. WTB: mk2 fender flares
  53. FS: raceland 3" catless dp to stock size
  54. FS: Parting 1998 vw golf gti vr6 black exterior black leather interior - nebraska
  55. FS: FS: High Performance and Rare mk4 parts from High end build
  56. WTB: Junk heads
  57. WTB: mk3 jetta headlights..
  58. WTB: HELP!!! Need VR6 Oil Pan ASAP!!!
  59. WTB: 40mm and 33mm valves for solid lifter
  60. WTB: OBD2 aba 8v head ASAP!!
  61. FS: B5 S4 Eibach Lowering Springs
  62. FS: Tmps
  63. FS: MKV FSI BSH Catchcan
  64. FS: Built 16v no miles
  65. FF: FREE mk3 gti spoiler, yakima bike tray
  66. FS: MK3 GTI factory smoked taillights
  67. FS: / ft:mk4 1.8t stock suspension parts and front brake parts
  68. Feeler: Euro Parts
  69. WTB: WTB: 5x100 wheel spacers
  70. WTB: Blown K04 or K04 parts
  71. FS: MK4 1.8T - APR, ABD, Caractere, Oettinger, Neuspeed, Forge, etc.
  72. WTB: agn valve cover
  73. WTB: Auxiliary fan control unit!!!!!!!
  74. FS: Miscellaneous Mk3 Parts/Aftermarket Audio Equip
  75. WTB: 90mm 8v axles
  76. WTB: Mk4 monsoon head unit
  77. WTB: Single DIN cubby
  78. FS: mk2 door cards & mk2 westy grille
  79. WTB: vw radio keys tonight if possible
  80. WTB: Mk1 Duckbill
  81. FS: 2.0 8v head basically new less than 100 miles on it. Check it out. Special. $250
  82. WTB: b5.5 Sedan Tail lights
  83. WTB: Stock/Junk MK2 Front Struts
  84. FS: Lug but set with caps and locking lugs
  85. WTB: Looking for MK2 GTI floors
  86. WTB: MK4 wood look interior trim
  87. Feeler: Sparco race seats for stock.
  88. FS: Bunch-O misc old school VW parts
  89. FS: Front Mount Intercooler
  90. FS: Parting out 2003 audi a4 1.8t 5 speed - lincoln nebraska
  91. FS: Huge selection of mk3 parts and Kicker L5 sub woofer and box. Best offer/Trades
  92. FS: Mk5/6. Golf/Gti/Rabbit. Koni coil overs
  93. WTB: mk3 manual mirrors (pair)
  94. WTB: A4 (mk4) jetta lowering springs wanted
  95. FS: early mk2 steel hub caps
  96. FS: MK4 Parts!
  97. WTB: Mk3 hatch/ grille
  98. FS: MKII Jetta Euro Tub: New, Never Installed
  99. WTB: mk3 glx door cards/badgeless grille
  100. FS: mk2/mk3 autotech adjustable strut bar
  101. FS: mkV Golf Sub box
  102. FS: techtonics and neuspeed chips.
  103. WTB: 1 MK5 15" 5x112 steel rim
  104. FF: Free MKIV GTI stuff
  105. FS: mk4 golf or jetta exhaust
  106. FS: B5.5 Passat Homelink visor for sale
  107. WTB: LOOKING for mk4 badgeless grill, GLI front bumper cover, and a 1.8T flashed ECU
  108. FT: MK3 Clear front bumper lenses - WTT
  109. FS: mk4 jetta GLI tail lights
  110. FS: FS 2.0l Fan Relay Control Modules 357-919-506A
  111. WTB: Looking for B5 passat aftermarket parts
  112. WTB: B5A4 the plastic firewall cover
  113. FS: Garrett T4 turbo 60-1
  114. FS: MkV rubber mats and SPS switch
  115. FS: mk2 - brand new 16v lip smallbumper, 2 big doors
  116. WTB: mk3 front bumper cover, flares, sideskirts
  117. WTB: New/Used 16v Coolant Temp Sensor/Sender
  118. WTB: Mk4 Hazard Flasher
  119. WTB: MK3 2.0 8v downpipe
  120. FS: MK4 Koni Coilovers - Fully adjustable ride height and dampeners
  121. FS: *brand new* MKV Rabbit,GTI bentley service manual.
  122. WTB: Cam sensor and MAF
  123. FS: mk4 tinted side markers
  124. FS: mk4 1.8t transmission. 5 spd. $350
  125. FS: 02A vr6 5 speed tranny
  126. FS: '98 12v vr6 engine
  127. FS: Bunch of new mk3 vr6 parts from techtonics
  128. WTB: Stock MKIV Golf/GTI Exhaust
  129. FF: Mk3 GT seats (pair)
  130. FS: 034 Aluminum Catch Can $60
  131. FT: MK5 GTI Honey Comb Badgeless Grille
  132. FS: MK3 & 4 parts
  133. WTB: Mk4 Turn Signal Stalk
  134. FS: Fresh rebuilt 16v 9a engine - je pistons, nitros plate - etc - lincoln
  135. FS: Mk4 dubtechnik bumper and new never used stock hood & hood latch
  136. WTB: DTM front bumper for B7 a4
  137. WTB: vr upper intake manifold obd2
  138. FS: 16v upper/lower intake manifolds, valve cover, PS3 + games
  139. WTB: APR R1 (or trade for forge 007)?
  140. WTB: Fill the void
  141. Feeler: Broken MKIV GLI valence
  142. FS: mk3 sport plaid seats full set
  143. WTB: Mk4 GTI snowboard rack Buy or rent or borrow for this upcoming weekend!!!
  144. FS: MK4 Jetta headlights
  145. WTB: mk4 glove box
  146. FS: mk4 stuff
  147. WTB: WTB lower mk4 intake manifold !!!
  148. FS: 2.9 clone intake maniford for 12v VR6 (partially polished) $50
  149. FS: VWAdDiKt's Part Out Thread - 1.8t | R32 | stock | aftermarket | interior | exterior
  150. WTB: obd1 aba head
  151. WTB: 1.8t PCV valve so metro
  152. FS: Mk3 golf gti vr6 black leather seats - all three - nebraska
  153. WTB: WTB 2001 Audi A4 headlights, and other front end parts.
  154. FS: awp ecu w/revo software, 550cc injectors, sps controller
  155. WTB: need starter for my MK3 2.0 Auto
  156. WTB: Airlift XL rear bag brackets (upper only) MKIV
  157. FT: MK4 GLX black leather seats for black high-bolster seats
  158. WTB: in the market for parts for my b4 passat
  159. WTB: ASAP MK3 Euro front bumper rebar
  160. WTB: coilovers
  161. FF: MKIV cloth front and rear seats with door cards
  162. FS: ItalVolanti Wheel
  163. FS: 90 Corrado G60
  164. WTB: MK4 2.0 coil pack
  165. WTB: Rear sturts for a 96 Passat GLX
  166. WTB: mk3 rear beam/ rear axle. disc or hob
  167. WTB: Mk3 2.0 exhaust
  168. WTB: mk3 Muffler, not stock preferably
  169. WTB: MDI USB Cable & LED MK VI Taillights
  170. FS: Brand New Forge Coolant Hose Kit-1.8t-(New Never Used) $200
  171. FS: Random MK4 Parts(Mainly 1.8t)
  172. WTB: mk jetta headlights!!
  173. WTB: 1998-2001 3 round button keyfob for Jetta/Beetle/Golf/GTI
  174. WTB: Mk4 lowering springs
  175. WTB: 2.0 16v Motor
  176. WTB: Mk3 2.0 ObdII MAF
  177. FS: MKV R32 Magnaflow Touring Exhaust and HPA Velocity Sport Cold Air Intake
  178. FS: Zeitronix ZT-2 wideband 02
  179. FS: MK2 Jetta GLI Parts
  180. FS: 2.0 aba with g60
  181. FS: FS: Corrado door cards (front + rear)
  182. WTB: Thunderbunny Valance
  183. WTB: Driver side mk3 2.0 5speed Axle
  184. FS: Brand new Mk3 Vr6 control arms w/bushings & Mk4 1.8t Axle
  185. WTB: MK3 2.0 Distributor ASAP!!!
  186. WTB: WTB: stock 1.8t turbo inlet pipe and side mount intercooler.
  187. FS: bnib eurojet mk4 pcv fix $ 80
  188. WTB: JOM coilover group buy, $380 each
  189. FS: Mk 3 Votex Roof Rack Golf/Jetta III
  190. WTB: wtb: mk2 upper radiator brackets
  191. FS: Vw golf 16v ecm ecu bosch p/n 0 280 800 180
  192. WTB: Mk3 Red & Black DRIVERS EDITION seats.
  193. WTB: Gray mk3 leather seats
  194. WTB: Anyone have stock mounts???
  195. WTB: Oil Feed/Returns for K03/K04.
  196. WTB: Passat B5 4mo coilovers and A8 wheels
  197. WTB: I need a purge valve
  198. WTB: Looking for some mk4 stuff
  199. FS: MKIV Golf Badgeless Grille
  200. FS: BSH FMIC for MKV 2.0T
  201. WTB: Wanted - Rear spring for B4 passat Vr6 wagon. haha
  202. WTB: mk3 parts
  203. FS: CL find: Jetta coupe partout ?
  204. WTB: mk3 rear bumper cover, front lip na or vr
  205. FS: mk3 front bumper cover built in lip
  206. FS: BNIB Bosch 550cc Injectors w/Clips & Blue Silicone Throttle Body Hose
  207. FS: mk1 golf/rabbit RACELAND COILOVERS + NEW motor mounts. NEVER SEEN RAIN!
  208. FS: mk2 gti parts
  209. FS: mk3 gti euro bumpers f/s
  210. FS: Part out 2000 B5 S4
  211. FS: 20th recaro seats(front and rear)
  212. WTB: MK3 golf parts. Passenger side inner fender, air box, front dummy lenses, PCV
  213. WTB: mk4 cd changer
  214. FS: NEW ABM Dual Projector Headlights WITH Headlight Harness & Adapter Bracket - $200
  215. FS: 5x100 & 5x112 Wheel spacers, MK4 interior & exterior parts, MK3 splash gaurds
  216. FT: WTT for a CIS wiring harness.
  217. WTB: PES G2 2.8 supercharger
  218. [Resolved] REWARD!! Front trim for MK1 Jetta. Help me find a good one and you can get a REWARD!!
  219. FS: Mk2 CD holder
  220. FS: Aftermarket mk4 1.8t parts
  221. WTB: Early swallowtail rabbit hood
  222. WTB: Mk2 Suspension Setup/Cup Kit
  223. FS: MK4 Euro Rub Strip - Jetta
  224. FS: MK3 jetta GLX parts
  225. WTB: rear coilover adjusters mk4
  226. WTB: mk4 golf 2.0 trans
  227. FS: Drivers edition Mk3 gti seats f/s
  228. FS: Rebuilt t4 Garrett turbo for sale.
  229. FS: KK Stage 4 g60 charger
  230. FS: Brand New VW MK3 ignition lock cylinder with keys
  231. FF: Subwoofer box for MK5 - FREE
  232. FS: [SOLD] HKS SSQV BOV limited black
  233. WTB: MK3 jetta badgless grille
  234. [Sold] Corrado Hella Euro Spec Headlights (New!)
  235. WTB: Looking for MK3 jetta GLX parts
  236. FF: w/club donation MK4 Golf Heated Seats
  237. FS: mk3.5 cabrio steering wheel
  238. FS: Mk4 auto jetta 1.8t part out 89K
  239. FS: 02A 5spd
  240. FS: greedy type rs
  241. FS: parting corrado g60 - 5 speed - nebraska
  242. Feeler: Vr6 exhaust Help
  243. FS: NEW!!! ECS and JOM Mk4 VW Smoked Side Markers
  244. WTB: mk3 gti badgeless grill
  245. FS: two awp ecu's both with stage2 flash
  246. WTB: B5 S4 exterior bits!
  247. FS: 30v V6 Stock airbox w/ K&N
  248. [Sold] FK Highsport Coilovers Mk IV Golf/Jetta
  249. FS: Hallman pro boost controller $50
  250. FS: Beautiful Prosport Boost Gauge + center vent pod $50