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  1. WTB: Mk4 side mirrors
  2. WTB: 8v
  3. FS: MK1 Euro bumpers
  4. FS: 16v throttle body
  5. FS: Shortened Mk1 bumper brackets
  6. FS: Upper and lower 16v intake manifold
  7. FS: VW PARTS!!! 1.8T motor, VR6 02M, 1.8T 02J and assorted 24v parts... West Metro MN
  8. FS: 2000 Audi S4 Stock Parts! Turbos, Intercoolers, Piping, Suspension, Brakes!!!
  9. WTB: manual steering rack for a mk3 gti.
  10. WTB: Complete 12v vr6 engine
  11. WTB: MK1 window seals and scrapers
  12. WTB: ABA Short Block
  13. WTB: WTB: Audi A4 2.8 intake funnel
  14. FS: vw caddy tailgate sticker
  15. WTB: ABA header
  16. FT: Mk2 Power Recaros **Mint**
  17. FS: 4 speed trans from a Caddy
  18. FS: (4 )MK3 VR6 Bugatti, (2) Teardrops with center caps
  19. FS: FS BBM Supercharger for mk3 2.0L
  20. FS: MK4 Jetta Exhaust
  21. Feeler: MK4 Jetta Grille, Lip, Sideskirts
  22. WTB: 3.5bar FPR
  23. FS: R32 GTI 2 door Passenger Front Door
  24. WTB: mk4 battery cover
  25. WTB: Wtb: mk2 jetta exhaust
  26. WTB: b5 a4 parts..
  27. FF: Anybody want to hook me up with an old switch blade styl mk4key you got layin around?
  28. FS: 2.0 PS Rack Delano MN $40
  29. FS: MK4 NewSouth dual steering column pod - BRAND NEW
  30. FS: MK4 R32 Monsoon double din, Single DIN to Double DIN adapter, PhatNoise system
  31. WTB: Manual window crank gears MKIV
  32. WTB: Full mk2 interior
  33. FS: B5 AEB A4 1.8 PART OUT-K04 Kit,sways,exhaust,springs, interior/ext
  34. WTB: Audi 90 Service manual
  35. FS: MK4 Jetta ABD Badgeless Grill
  36. FS: Big custom SMIC for MK4, maybe a4?
  37. FS: MK4 VR6 BDF Oil Pan.. 100$ obo.. unused..
  38. WTB: Caddy tail light
  39. FS: FS: Eurojet Upper PCV Hose
  40. FS: VR6 Engine, Clutch, Tranny, harness, etc. Delano MN $450 OBO
  41. FS: vr6 Brake Booster Delano MN ($ B.O)
  42. WTB: Front/rear transmission motormount brackets for MK1
  43. FS: VW Mk3 GTI/Golf: Black Parcel Shelf
  44. FS: Mkv gli parts
  45. FS: mk2/mk3/corrado stuff
  46. FS: mk4 golf gti r32 rear strut bar. yarrowsport
  47. FS: MK4 oem r32 pedal caps $100/obo
  48. WTB: 96-97 A4 p.side fender red(small markers) + headlight n corner
  49. WTB: b5 s4 6 speed tranny
  50. FS: Jetta Grille for sale off my 2010
  51. WTB: Audi Coupe Quattro shell/title
  52. WTB: Looking for a few Mk4 Parts... console, cover, liner
  53. FS: Part out - Schmaudi's 2.0t A4
  54. FS: MK4 EvoMS CAI and Custom Shroud
  55. FT: WTT: my long beaches for your arsitos(or whatever they are called)
  56. FS: MKV chrome mirror covers. Brand new in the box. $70
  57. FS: Silver MKV Jetta tail light set. New in the box $50
  58. FS: Handy with a needle? Leather wrapped 3 spoke MK5 steering wheel. $25
  59. FS: BRAND NEW in the box MK2 Golf/Jetta hoods!! Yes, new in box OEM!!!
  60. WTB: G-grind solid lifter 8v (.423 lift) cam, adj cam sprocket and sport valve spring
  61. [Sold] [SOLD] WINTER Blizzak 15" Tires on 4x100 rims WINTER
  62. [Sold] [SOLD] 10.1" 4x100 VW Front Brake Rotors NIB Mk3
  63. FS: Mk4 R32 GTI Brushed door pulls
  64. FS: 9a 16v waterpump w/ housing and thermostat. (fits aba's?)
  65. FS: FS - APR cat back exhaust B6 1.8T
  66. WTB: MK4 Jetta 6 Speed CV Shaft
  67. FS: Helix Smoked MK4 Tail Lights
  68. FS: MkV GTI/GLI Open Air Honeycomb Fog Grilles
  69. FS: RS6 anti sway bars
  70. FS: ABA with trans
  71. WTB: mk4 lower control arms
  72. WTB: mk2 / mk3 coil over kit or cup kit
  73. FS: 1.8t eurojet pcv fix
  74. FS: EuroJet 1.8t Silicone Upper & Lower PCV hoses
  75. WTB: MK3 Moonroof/Sunroof Assembly with motor
  76. WTB: wtb digi 1 throttle position sensor cali car
  77. FS: Corrado Hella fogs
  78. WTB: Grey recaro back seats
  79. WTB: Wanted ASAP Need some mk3 vr6 shifter cables plz...
  80. FS: * BMW 6 disc CD changer magazine
  81. WTB: Mk3.5 Cabby body parts
  82. WTB: ko3s transverse
  83. FF: Brown MK2 dash and knee board
  84. FS: mk2/3 25mm front sway bar, 8v strut tower brace, Digi2 ECU
  85. FT: trade awp ecu with evomsit downpipe file for awp ecu with revo
  86. WTB: Mk4 Key Fob 1J0 959 753 T needed for mamma's 01 Jetta.
  87. WTB: O2J gear set
  88. WTB: Wanted: 16v Scirocco Intake manifold
  89. WTB: Hazard Relay from 99.5+ b5 a4 (facelift)
  90. FS: mkIII throttle body and tensioner pulley.
  91. WTB: O2A Limited Slip Differential
  92. WTB: NTB: Oil pan for mk4 1.8t
  93. FS: MK2 MK3 Bilstein Coilovers cheap 400 obo
  94. WTB: 10mm 5x112 spacers
  95. WTB: MK3 Late jetta grille
  96. WTB: MK3 Stock Air Box (2.0 ABA)
  97. FS: lots of mk3 parts (part out)
  98. WTB: 16V Scirocco, Corrado G60 seats, cheaper the better, must have good frames!
  99. FS: NEW Eurosport Medium Duty Oil Cooler
  100. FF: Want to get rid of your obd1 aba engine?
  101. Feeler: is anybody going to upull soon?
  102. WTB: 92 8 valve jetta starter
  103. FS: MK3 + MK4 garage clean out
  104. WTB: 2.0 motor for 2001 jetta
  105. WTB: audi tt front brake caliper brackets
  106. FS: 2.0L 16v bottom end.
  107. FF: Mk3 4x100 drum rear beam
  108. WTB: Mk3 Golf Hatch
  109. WTB: mk3 Golf front rotors
  110. Feeler: Fairly large VW toy and memorabilia collection.
  111. WTB: Looking for a few things for MKII 16v.......
  112. FS: MKIV Jetta Trunk Mat
  113. FS: MKIV Jetta Black Door Cards
  114. FS: Free MK3 Jetta rear bumper.
  115. FS: FK Badge-less Grill for MKV golf/rabbit Black
  116. WTB: wtb- obd1 aba block, 1.8 16v head
  117. WTB: misc. mk3 parts. red hatch/roof rack
  118. WTB: passenger side fender mkiv golf
  119. Feeler: complete MK2 Getta partout!!!!
  120. WTB: WTB: Non AEB 1.8T head
  121. WTB: mk3 Jetta parts
  122. WTB: CIS-E Ignition Parts
  123. FS: MK4 Black Center Console with cup holders
  124. WTB: Wanted for free - MK2 golf/gti door cards and rear parcel shelf
  125. FS: heads up - 82-85 quantum bentley at half price book store (crystal)
  126. FS: 15mm,7mm ecs spacers 5x100 5x112 ball and cone seat lugs
  127. WTB: mk4 roof rack
  128. WTB: Corrado steering wheel
  129. WTB: o2o inspection shield
  130. WTB: Coilpack for mk3 jetta vr6
  131. FF: Want for free: mk3 Hatch hinge bolts
  132. FS: Mk1 partout
  133. FS: MKV GTI shift knob/boot assembly
  134. WTB: WTB stock rims/tires
  135. FS: AEB Engine
  136. FS: MKIII GTI head lights
  137. FS: MKV GTI bits
  138. FS: MK3 Thule roof rack with locks and wind deflector...
  139. FS: MK3 HELLA E-Codes in good shape...
  140. WTB: MK3 black leather seats! front and back!
  141. WTB: 16v Dizzy
  142. WTB: MK4 GTI Parts - Hood release lever, front valence, front rub strip, sidemarkers
  143. FS: VW Parts and stuff
  144. WTB: vr6 DBC Throttle Body
  145. FS: Mk1 fully adjustable COILOVERS! Less then 200 miles on them! RACELAND
  146. FS: Mk3 parts! Cleaning garage! Intake mani, sway bar, strut bar
  147. WTB: Steering Wheel for MK3
  148. WTB: B5 S4 front suspension upright
  149. FS: Autotech Sale
  150. WTB: B5 intermittent wiper relay
  151. FS: b5.5 H&R sport springs
  152. FS: parting out '98 jetta glx
  153. WTB: Autotech solid lifter camshaft for 1.8L
  154. WTB: WTB: Silicone Reducers for intercooler piping
  155. Feeler: Primered R32 front bumper
  156. FS: mk3 vr6 polished intake manifold. (black) $70
  157. FS: mk3 vr6 upper strut bar! NEUSPEED $70
  158. FS: mk3 vr6 rear sway bar! NEUSPEED 26mm
  159. FS: MK4 4 door roof rack
  160. WTB: Old Audi Parts (B2)
  161. FS: Misc Mk1 , mk2 , mk3 , Corrado , Passat - Car audio stuff - NEBRASKA
  162. FS: FS; mk4 R32 suede headliner, complete. $600
  163. FS: FS; Tar*Ox B34-10GT BBK MK4 gti/R32 10 piston brake upgrade.
  164. FS: FS; O2M 24v 6spd trans. Quaiffe/ rebuilt and cryo-treated
  165. FS: FS; MK4 R32 interior. front/ rear seats and matching door cards. black leather
  166. FS: Mk3 4x100 front spindle assemblies
  167. FS: b5 engine parts (aug/passat)
  168. WTB: MK IV Golf/R32 headlight bulbs (low beam)
  169. WTB: mk4 jetta front bumper, hood, headlights.
  170. WTB: MK3 door/hatch latches, blinkers, steering wheel, front lip
  171. FS: local guy parting out a 2002 audi tt 225hp 6 speed - nebraska
  172. FS: 92 corrado SLC parts
  173. FS: BFI stg 2 dogbone mk4 $50
  174. FS: PES G4 Supercharger for 2002-03 S6 4.2L
  175. WTB: Stock mk4 golf tail lights
  176. FS: Corrado stuff
  177. WTB: R32 steering wheel
  178. WTB: Allroad door blades
  179. WTB: NEED a OBD1 TB asap!!!!
  180. FS: 83.5mm 1.8L rebuilt short block, JE Pistons
  181. FS: New .40 over cast pistons for 1.8L
  182. WTB: mk2/mk3 rear calipers.
  183. WTB: 96 a4 front seatbelts
  184. WTB: WORKING URS4 coil pack.
  185. FS: ABA and 1.8T K&N's
  186. FS: 288mm front brake upgrade mk4 2.0/tdi
  187. FS: mkv gli summer and monster mats
  188. FS: MKV osir fog light covers
  189. FS: Jetta MKIV Black Carpet
  190. FS: MKVI GTI/Golf Carpeted Floor Mats
  191. WTB: MK1 fuel pump and downpipe
  192. FS: mk2/3 coilovers
  193. FS: 1996-2002 Audi A4 JL audio stealth box. $350
  194. FS: MKIV Jetta Tail lights
  195. WTB: MK2 8v auto starter
  196. FS: Parting - 1990 corrado - green - non sunroof
  197. FS: Corrado vr6 automatic transmission - $100
  198. [Sold] 2001 GTI VR6 Leather black. Front and rear seats. nice shape. Cash today $150.
  199. FS: Momo steering wheel and hub adapter for MK4
  200. WTB: Mk3 keyless entry
  201. WTB: MK IV Golf Trunk Deck Lid Retaining Strap
  202. FS: mk2/3 corrado B&G coilovers
  203. FS: Mk3 votex roof rack
  204. WTB: Can you tell me what supplier excepts paypal for new cv to flange triple sq bolts?
  205. WTB: OEM B5 A4 Votex Roof Rack
  206. WTB: mk3 jetta headlights
  207. WTB: ABA obd1 maf
  208. Feeler: HR sport springs and stock setup MKV jetta 2.5
  209. WTB: mk2 power steering pump.
  210. FS: Mk4 stock springs
  211. FS: Hella Smoked Magic Colours tail lights for MKIV Golf/GTI
  212. FS: mk4 godspeed front mount intercooler $100
  213. FS: FS: 034 Billet Aluminum Fuel Rail B5A4 1.8t $80
  214. FS: Quick 89 audi 80 quattro part out
  215. Feeler: 1992 corrado slc project. Parts car. Nebraska
  216. Feeler: FS: AEB 1.8t Longblock
  217. FS: VW Jetta Floor Mats (from 2008) (MKV)
  218. WTB: Mk3 H&R Sport Springs, Bilstein Sport Shocks
  219. FS: 2000 Audi A6 2.7T 6 speed stage 3 part out
  220. FS: 42K AWP 1.8t complete minus ECU and intercooler CHEAP!!!
  221. FS: rebuilt mk3 Vr6 trans with lsd
  222. WTB: need a mk3 grill asap preferably today
  223. WTB: Front black leather seats mk3. Any condition.
  224. FS: the part out- mk4 parts a plenty. (oem R32, fifteen52, Tar*Ox, etc)
  225. WTB: MK3 Golf 4 door parts,
  226. FS: mk3 vw golf/jetta exhaust
  227. WTB: Axles for an 01 GTI 1.8t 5spd
  228. FS: mk3 vr6 front sub frame, struts, steering rack,etc
  229. FS: mk3 jetta gas tank with working fuel pump
  230. [Sold] MKIV Gas Cap
  231. FS: (vr6) PS rack, Subframe w/Ctrl Arms, front CM, Rear beam. CHEAP OBO! Delano.
  232. WTB: MK4 Jetta Front bumper *Good condition*
  233. FS: MK2/3 V-Max coils
  234. FS: Thule MK3 Jetta/Golf roof rack
  235. WTB: MK1 rabbit struts and springs
  236. FS: mk1 gti snowflakes
  237. FS: Various Audi TT Parts
  238. FS: Various VW/Audi parts
  239. WTB: mk3 obd2 2.o manual cluster
  240. FS: Mk4 Control arms, spindles and 288mm brake setup!!
  241. FS: MK4 SS brake lines $50
  242. FS: MK4 dubtechnic side skirts
  243. WTB: Rear axle beam for mk4 jetta 2.slow and a hweel
  244. FS: Thule Roof Rack
  245. FS: MK1 rabbit parts...
  246. FS: cheap VR6 12V turbo manifolds
  247. WTB: Need Mk3 2.0 starter!!!
  248. FS: 96 5 Speed Saquoia Green Jetta Part Out
  249. WTB: ABA PCV system, MK3 golf front blinker/clearance lights, MK3 glove box handle
  250. FS: MKV TDI Brake Rotors (Front)