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  1. FS: Corbeau 3 point harnesses
  2. FS: MK3 Jetta pass seat leather
  3. FS: MK3 GTi Seats Custom Plaid Re trim.
  4. FS: OEM Golf/GTI rear bumper $20
  5. FS: Passat 1.8t turbo
  6. FS: VR6 K&N air filter
  7. FS: OEM VR6 belt tensioner like new
  8. FS: manual rack U-Joint
  9. FS: New Poly manual rack bushings
  10. FS: new OBD1 to OBD2 Throttle body adapter with hardware
  11. WTB: mk2 air conditioning parts.
  12. WTB: b3/b4 passat or corrado pedal assembly
  13. FS: Mk2/Mk3 stuff for sell
  14. WTB: Anyone want to help a fellow EW'er out with a car dolly or trailer?
  15. WTB: WTB: Mk1 blower fan (1981)
  16. WTB: WTB/borrow stock MKV FSI PCV valve
  17. WTB: mk4 glove box, black
  18. WTB: MK1/2/3 Rear Suspension Component
  19. WTB: mk1 coilovers
  20. Feeler: possibly looking for a TT chip. 1.8l 8v Digi II
  21. WTB: WTB: Bentley Manual for MK3 Golf
  22. WTB: corrado g60 ac compressor
  23. WTB: MK3 Jetta lowering springs and body parts
  24. FS: f/s mk2 recaro's freshly cleaned
  25. FS: mk4 golf trailer hitch may fit jetta
  26. WTB: 2.0 motor harness and ecu
  27. WTB: Kombi Valve
  28. FT: G60 Pulley
  29. WTB: vr6 corrado upper radiator neck
  30. WTB: Rear vr6 motor mount
  31. WTB: BBS Center caps (red)
  32. FS: f/s brand new oem mk3 jetta hood,trunk and some e-codes
  33. [Sold] time to put it to rest: MK4 jetta part out (my old car) or sell whole 600$
  34. FS: NEUSPEED P-Chip 16V 2.0 GTI MK2
  35. FS: Random MK3 parts, ABA head, and stage 5+ trans mount
  36. FS: Stock MKV GTI suspension
  37. FS: MKV trailer hitch
  38. WTB: Mk3 VR lip or duck bil spoiler.
  39. FS: '03 2.0 engine and EGT code 5 speed for sale
  40. FS: fs or trade mk4 jetta drop zone coilover set up $200 obo
  41. FS: 2.0 aba
  42. WTB: Looking for mk3 golf badgeless grill and rear anti-roll bar
  43. FS: Parting out mk3 gti vr6 tornado red
  44. WTB: 12v vr6 engine
  45. WTB: Need an OEM Mk IV roof rack end cap
  46. WTB: mk4 gti roof rack
  47. FS: 16 Valve intake Manifold and Valve Cover
  48. WTB: Mk2 scirocco parts
  49. WTB: Mk3 jetta parts
  50. WTB: Stock mk2 radio
  51. WTB: mk3 euro lip
  52. WTB: Mk3 gauge cluster.. Anyone?
  53. WTB: Mk1 or Mk2 wiper motor needed
  54. WTB: Misc MK4 parts
  55. FS: (2) BFI 20MM Spacers 4x100 & Bildon Motorsport Studs VW Hub centeric
  56. WTB: mk1 shifter box
  57. WTB: Textured rub strips for a mk4 gti
  58. FS: aeb head/block/intake/etc
  59. WTB: Hatch glass or whole hatch for 96 gti
  60. FS: Mk2 4- button steering wheeel
  61. WTB: mk1 vw air conditioning
  62. WTB: B5 lowering springs
  63. FS: Random Parts
  64. WTB: Early westy mk2 front end
  65. FS: 5x100/5x112 Hubcentric 12mm spacers
  66. FS: Beetle headrests
  67. FS: AWP Head, Winter Wheels, and Miscellaneous Stuff
  68. WTB: Clutch cable
  69. FS: BDF 24v VR6 crate motor BRAND NEW
  70. FS: FYI: MKV GTI Tinted Tails on Clearance
  71. WTB: MK1 Seat Belt Receiver
  72. FS: VW MK5 GTI Exhaust sale!!!! 2.5" Polished Stainless steel
  73. WTB: Mk3 wiper motor
  74. FF: Mk4 Golf seats, free with donation
  75. WTB: 14x1.5 extended lug bolts
  76. WTB: OEM votex b5.5 sedan roof rack & 15-20mm 5x112 spacers
  77. WTB: Audi tt 3.2 aftermarket intake, exhaust and software. Preferably giac
  78. FS: MK5 GTI black headliner, upper trim & Interlago seats
  79. WTB: mk3 jetta suspension
  80. WTB: mk3 aba throttle position sensor
  81. WTB: 12v vr6 obd1 coilpack
  82. WTB: I am in need of a mkII front bumper..
  83. WTB: feeler : 3" turbo downpipe. 2001 audi TT 225hp quattro
  84. WTB: mk4 jetta 2002 trubo downpipe stock one needs ASAP!!!
  85. FS: MK5 K03 Turbo and BSH Trans mount
  86. WTB: mk2 dash
  87. WTB: mk1/mk2 catalytic converter.
  88. FS: Brushed Aluminum driver side piece
  89. WTB: Mk1 bolt through windows ...and square headlight.
  90. FS: Parting 98 A6Q
  91. FS: 06A 1.8T Adjustable Cam Gear
  92. WTB: B5 Front lower spring perches
  93. WTB: B5 A4 Post '98 Rear ABS sensor (non-HID)
  94. WTB: Vacuum Check Valve
  95. FS: TT 8v Adjustable Cam Gear, never installed
  96. FS: 99% Complete 16v swap
  97. FS: BFI Stealth Mounts - brand new!
  98. FS: Full Race manifold, turbo, fueling and other parts
  99. WTB: mk4 golf parts
  100. WTB: E-codes for MK4 GTI
  101. FT: g60 parts?
  102. FS: audi tt part out
  103. WTB: 5mm 4x100 Spacers
  104. FS: SCI Short Throw Shifter Weight
  105. WTB: /WFC: JH Head
  106. FS: 2 VW Corrado G60 Front seats $100
  107. FS: Mk2 grey Center Console
  108. FS: MK1 Rabbit flag Mirrors
  109. WTB: VW 16v 90 Dizzy cap
  110. WTB: Inner tie rod dust boot!!
  111. FS: Supertech 1.8T Valvetrain kit
  112. WTB: mk1 axles.
  113. WTB: stock G-lader
  114. FS: 1996-2002 vr6 5 spd clutch kit-150.00
  115. WTB: corrado passenger door window
  116. WTB: 210mm flywheel and pressure plate.
  117. WTB: Interior hatch panel
  118. FS: FS: Black housing MKVI Jetta angel eye projector headlights
  119. FS: 15" Avus Wheels w/ Blizzaks, SUPER CHEAP
  120. WTB: Various B5 A4 1.8TQ Interior, Exterior, Performance Parts
  121. WTB: Mk1 vw steering column or bearing
  122. WTB: WTB: mk4 gti hood, BLACK!
  123. FS: black mk1 vw rabbit seats, early style
  124. WTB: MK2 parts
  125. WTB: Audi TT 5spd Quattro Trans
  126. FS: MK5 VW Rabbit/Gti Taillights - $30
  127. WTB: WTB: MK3 Euro rebar (front)
  128. FS: hole-less OEM MKV GTI Grille $50
  129. WTB: HVAC controls for a MK4
  130. WTB: Looking for Audi 4000 Quattro/Coupe GT parts
  131. WTB: G60 speedo cable
  132. WTB: Dvd mfd2
  133. WTB: MK1 interior stuff.
  134. WTB: VW Tow Hook
  135. WTB: VW Mk1 Diesel (Or 16v) Starter & MK1 Coil.
  136. WTB: 8v coolant neck.
  137. WTB: G60 speedocable
  138. FS: mk4 1.8t sidemount intercooler
  139. FS: FS: random jetta glx parts. Delano MN
  140. WTB: mk3 golf front fenders and hatch
  141. FS: Mk1 rabbit/GTI brake pads **New & OEM**
  142. WTB: MKIV GTI Hatch, Bumper, Tail lights
  143. WTB: Need mk2 driver side flare!!!
  145. WTB: mk4 gli axles
  146. WTB: 95 Mk3 golf parts, any and all...
  147. WTB: i has needs for mkII parts
  148. FS: mk3 oem radio
  149. FS: MKV GTI plaid seats
  150. WTB: 8v adj. cam gear
  151. WTB: remote keyfob for MKIV Jetta, round button style
  152. FS: FREE helios jetta truck lid
  153. WTB: brake fluid resovoir cap with the plug in on it.
  154. FS: MK4 ECU, Owner's Manual MUST GO, CHEAP!
  155. WTB: Feeler: awp 1.8t swap
  156. WTB: MK4 jetta stock front lip
  157. WTB: A/C delete pulley mk2 8v ASAP!!!
  158. FT: mk2 badgless quad grille for badged grille
  159. FS: FS MKIII VR6 Polished Intake Mani. and Valve Cover
  160. FS: New mk1 Front Hubs
  161. FS: MKII 4dr Jetta OEM Black C pillar panels
  162. FS: HOLY CARP!! a 1.8T Jetta at UPull south!
  163. WTB: R32 bumper, new or good used mk4
  164. FS: 1.8t harness mk3 cluster digi 2 ecu
  165. FT: GLX parts for your engine hoist? Delano, mn.
  166. FS: 6 disc changer for mk1v
  167. FS: mkIV R32 turbo kit....
  168. FF: Nardi Steering wheel
  169. WTB: mk3 vr6 oil cooler kit
  170. FS: 8v valve stem seals Brand New!!
  171. WTB: MK4 golf/Gti Hood,front bumper
  172. Feeler: WTT MKV FSI APR Sport for APR Stealth or RSC Catback
  173. WTB: MK3 driver side power window regulator
  174. WTB: k04-015
  175. [Sold] [SOLD] Mk1 VW Rabbit Parts (gauges, handles, mirrors, trim, caps, etc)
  176. [Sold] [SOLD] Mk2 Parts (caps, sensors, pumps, switches, trim, etc)
  177. [Sold] SOLD: Mk2 GTI Recaros + matching 60/40 Split Rears
  178. WTB: 99.5 mk4 coilpack
  179. FF: Freeeee bumper!!! 95 golf mk3
  180. WTB: MK3 2.0 8v starter NEED TODAY!!!
  181. FS: 02A Hydro Clutch Setup
  182. FS: 02A with peloquin
  183. WTB: MK1 exhaust flange and alt. bracket
  184. WTB: WTB: MKIV Golf/GTI Gray w/ moon-roof headliner
  185. WTB: 16v grille red strip quad rounds
  186. WTB: rear black cloth mk2 seats
  187. FS: mk2 8v part out
  188. WTB: mk4 golf taillight parts.
  189. [Sold] mk3 votex oem roof racks with upright bike rack
  190. WTB: Wiper motor MK IV Jetta, golf, GTI
  191. Feeler: FS:awp 1.8t motor
  192. WTB: 9A 16v head
  193. FS: MKV Floormats, OEM airbox, 4 pt Harness, Wheels 'n Rubber
  194. FS: New OEM Mk5 front side grills, all black, no fogs
  195. WTB: WTB: MK3 leather seats
  196. WTB: Coilovers for mk4 gti
  197. FS: mk2 parts
  198. FS: mk2 parts (proceeds to the saint)
  199. WTB: ISV for Mk2!
  200. FS: Bentley Manual for Mk1 Rabbit/Jetta Diesel
  201. WTB: lowering suspension or coilovers for my mk2 rocco
  202. FS: [SOLD] MK4 Eibach lowering springs
  203. FS: mk2 parts for sale
  204. WTB: MK3 Magnaflow cat back
  205. WTB: 9a 16v coolant flange.
  206. WTB: amc tranny for 96 aba
  207. WTB: VR6 water pump pulley - WANTED
  208. FS: Mintex Brake Pads for Rabbit/Scirocco, Mk2 & Mk3 Jetta/Golf *NEW*
  209. [Sold] Bilstein shocks/H&R sport springs for B6/B7 Audi A4
  210. FS: H&R Sport Springs for B6/B7 S4 Avant
  211. FS: PARTOUT: 1988 gli 16v @ SCI -7/11- proceeds go to Paul (the saint)
  212. FS: FS: 2003 GTI 20th A.E. Stock shocks with H&R Race Springs
  213. FS: MK4 Jetta headlights and vr6 engine cover
  214. FS: MK3 VW stuff mainly OEM
  215. FS: 38 lb fuel injectors
  216. FS: mk2 badgless quad grile
  217. WTB: monsoon double din head unit mk4
  218. WTB: Mk2 small rear bumper and pannel
  219. WTB: mk3 Front strut parts
  220. FS: gli 1.8 16v part out.
  221. WTB: 8V cam gear and cam
  222. WTB: WTB: 20 AE front Valance
  223. FF: B6 Center lower grill
  224. FS: RCD510 radio head unit
  225. WTB: WTB: VW Mk2 seats. Must be 2door. Fronts and rears.
  226. FS: Megasquirt
  227. FS: B5/A4 stuff - B&G lowering springs, turn indicators
  228. FS: mint 16v door cards grey red strip
  229. WTB: early mk2 7 slat grille (rounds)
  230. WTB: Im looking for MKII.........
  231. FS: Mkv ghl r32 exhaust & bumper
  232. FS: FS: Mk1 Fuel Level Sender *New*
  233. WTB: b5 audi a4 black trim piece
  234. FS: mk3/mk4 random parts for sale
  235. FT: looking for corrado parts
  236. WTB: 82 vw scirocco headlight switch
  237. WTB: A/C compressor
  238. WTB: Something for my base bars
  239. WTB: MK4 Golf Hood
  240. WTB: Looking for coilovers or struts and lowering springs for mkIII golf!!
  241. FS: Rabbit Core Support for Round Headlamps *NEW & OEM*
  242. WTB: mk2 7-slat grille badge
  243. FS: 1.8t MK4 Muffler and Downpipe / Catalytic Converter
  244. FS: MK4 Jetta front bumper impact foam
  245. FS: MK3 Black lower glovebox with key
  246. WTB: mk2 west grille badge
  247. WTB: Brake Booster for 1987 Scirocco 16v
  248. FS: monsoon double din head unit mk4
  249. WTB: obd2 aba swap
  250. FS: Mk4 Cabin Filter Inspection Cover