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  1. finally, powdercoating available 4/22/08
  2. Where my SANDBLASTER peeps at?!?!
  3. Stickers/Signs/Marketing Material
  4. Looking to hire HVAC/tinner for some duct work
  5. new Networking forum...
  6. Need resume or writing help?
  7. Need a quick, 1 month job...
  8. Car audio/security/remote starts
  9. concrete footings and floor framing wanted
  10. Photography available.
  11. Electrician automation security service/install for mk3 parts
  12. Looking for Marketing/advertising help. Will pay$$$
  13. Looking for custom labeling
  14. Towing available
  15. DJ wanted
  16. Autobody/Paint Needed
  17. House Painting
  18. Storage needed
  19. need something???
  20. paintless dent repair
  21. Custom Car Audio and Interior
  22. Looking for logo work...
  23. Employers in the Mpls/St. Paul Area
  24. Rim repair
  25. Lets Talk About Resum├ęs...
  26. Unlock Sony Ericson Phones
  27. Anyone need Painting Interior/Exterior
  28. Interior Light color swap-MK3 jetta
  29. need opinions on my craigslist ad please
  30. Needed: Glassoworking (non-car related)
  31. Design work wanted/drafting a garage
  32. Metal Fab.
  33. Senior Portraits
  34. Wells Fargo is posting summer intern positions
  35. official vag com owner thread
  36. Maplewood Audi Parts Dept
  37. Window Tinting Auto and commercial
  38. Where can I work? Seriously
  39. MN Unemployment Insurance question
  40. Pharm techs need a job?
  41. IT - Job needed
  42. Plant/refinery near St Paul Park?
  43. anyone know anything about J&B Eurotech in New Brighton?
  44. Car Towing
  45. Mandrel Bending
  46. CAD Architect 2009
  47. Looking for detailer
  48. We got a lathe
  49. Engage Nutrition
  50. Automotive Work
  51. Looking for a handyman type to re-screen my porch
  52. Computer guy looking for side jobs - Alot cheaper than Geek Squad!
  53. Need CHEAP dental care?
  54. Web Design!
  55. My wife is looking for school advice.
  56. I might need dirt cheap body work.
  57. NEWS FLASH: i'm no longer affiliated with Street Scenes Tint
  58. anyone wanna do a rebuild?
  59. Wanted: Someone to sort out Vacuum Leak in mk1 rocco
  60. Anyone have leads on a PT evening and weekend job?
  61. Looking to get some body work done.
  62. Need a medium size trailer to borrow/rent
  63. Covered Trailer Wanted
  64. Looking to borrow/rent: gravity feed HVLP Gun
  65. Looking for 18 to 29 year olds
  66. "clear bra" work?
  67. I need to spend a day with you and your car
  68. Anyone have any art they need done?... photo heavy...
  69. Flywheel lightening service in MN.
  70. If anyone needs welding done...
  71. Anybody work at a machine shop?
  72. Do you have landscape experience?
  73. Rock Chips turn into rust, need repair
  74. IT Services - discounted rate
  75. Plumbing/natural gas line work needed.
  76. Licensed Electrician Wanted
  77. Drywall Master
  78. We're hiring again.....
  79. Needed: Someone to re uhpolster
  80. Need someone to sandblast some wheels
  81. Vogtland Suspension is now available once again =)
  82. Two jobs open: SQL and Sales
  83. Certified Clinical Massage $50/hr. (wife)
  84. i need a body shop
  85. searching: Adapters
  86. local metal polisher
  87. Hiring an IT person in Duluth
  88. PDR - hail damage :(
  89. Need a full detail? Use 'Shine Detailing'
  90. I need a new windshield
  91. I need some work. Welding, Bobcat, Plumbing
  92. "Career" Opportunity - Purchasing/Inventory
  93. Warehouse Manager
  94. Will work for food/cash
  95. custom exhaust work? locally?
  96. Truck Needed, monetary/pizza/beer compensated
  97. Trade tint work for work?
  98. Sandblasting?
  99. Pressure Washing
  100. Someone to Buff
  101. manual labor! i'll do work for cash.
  102. Position Open: Order Filler
  103. I'll draw your car for you
  104. work related advice?
  105. Paintless Dent Removal needed!
  106. Roseville PT- Video Assistant
  107. Administrative Assistant/Executive Assistant
  108. Anyone here good with body work and rust repair?
  109. Need Job ASAP
  110. I need two things for my friends project car.
  111. Custom Rims or Rim Repair shops in MN
  112. Car Dolly or trailer help
  113. needed. welder.
  114. Imola Motorsports FTW
  115. Any creative metal workers wanna make a bracket?
  116. need help heaving the tranny in my car
  117. Mk2 Headliner Recover
  118. WTBorrow: Car Trailer or Dolly
  119. open position for Mechanical Drafter/Designer
  120. I need to borrow a place and possibly some vw know how (clutch)
  121. needed: Small engine repair
  122. NEEDED: Vinyl Lettering
  123. Snappy Automotive Photo Sessions.
  124. NEEDED: Super cheap/free tire dismounting and disposal.
  125. Car Audio Design
  126. Auto Parts Merchansider -
  127. pdf's
  128. Any plumbers in here?
  129. Desktop Support /w Altiris Experience
  130. dryway tape, finish, texture, and repair
  131. place or person to paint
  132. MK3 shift linkage problems
  133. Laptop Parts - LCD's, Batteries, AC adapters etc
  134. Cafepress
  135. trailer/tow needed
  136. Anyone know anyone who works at ATK?
  137. Looking for a little side work...
  138. Wanted: Audi tech for quick job.
  139. anyone in need of office space?
  140. Work Needed: Aluminum Mill Work (Small Job)
  141. Needed: Help moving couches
  142. Chad Truss Photography
  143. someone can buff my rabbit?
  144. interior vehicle detailing
  145. rear hatch shave
  146. vagcom needed
  147. steel bumper repair?
  148. 1998 Jetta Transmission job **AUTO**
  149. emergency: soldering champion needed
  150. Job: Paint my shed
  151. Affordable Salon Services
  152. Wanted: Hook up my garage heater
  153. Cheap Dental Cleaning
  154. Someone here good at painting?
  155. Need a plate machined
  156. Need alternator replaced in my bug!!!
  157. Full time job needed
  158. Vinyl Decal/Sticker Design/Cutting
  159. Wilwood caliper adapters, I need some made.
  160. Any electricians on here?
  161. Looking for Full time Job in St. Paul/Minneapolis.
  162. Need a plumber.
  163. Looking for paralegal or legal secretary position
  164. Looking for someone to sandblast....
  165. Needed: someone who can weld floors!
  166. Needed: Vagcom around Blaine area (CR, Fridley, Anoka, Ham Lake, etc).
  167. Does anybody have access to loopcad or similar (plumber)
  168. steel bumper repair.
  169. tire mounting anyone?
  170. Anyone do side work with vdubs?????
  171. calling: VW mechanic
  172. Garage heater tuning needed
  173. Are you looking for remodeling design help?
  174. Remote Starter Install..
  175. Thomson in Eagan...
  176. where to get lips for wheels chromed?
  177. The Un-booth, new wedding/event Service
  178. Computer repair needed (powerbook g4)
  179. [SOLD] I'll draw your shit for sale. Semi NSFW
  180. Top 40 DJ needed for kids party
  181. Anybody here install hardwood flooring?
  182. Looking for resume help and possible "in's" on interior design...
  183. LF: Someone who can replace the screen on my white MacBook.
  184. Looking for help with simple (I think) wiring
  185. stereo (speaker) repair
  186. UPS drivers helpers
  187. Needed: Brief Welding of 2 pipes together
  188. Professional Vinyl, Hardwood, Laminate Flooring Installation (My Brother)
  189. Someone to remove some scratches?
  190. Help wanted/ Welder
  191. Remove emergency brake on GMC truck
  192. need of a job BAD!!!
  193. Ideas?
  194. Mechanic need (NON EURO) brake job
  195. Anodizing Aluminum
  196. Anybody do upholstery? Or simply know how to take leather off a seat?
  197. 020 trans rebuild
  198. furnace gas valve help?
  199. i need a hood painted
  200. Any One do Zipper Repair?
  201. Vag-Com
  202. i need somebody that can do a vagcom on my 02 gti
  203. Powder Coating.
  204. Hiring Systems Administrator
  205. Accounts Payable Coordinator
  206. Ski Area Positions.
  207. BMW e30 help wanted -- who wants a cash job ?
  208. Hiring: Network Admin Intermediate
  209. Clewell Photography chosen best of....
  210. Know of a shop for 76 Aermacchi?
  211. House appraisals - anyone here do them?
  212. Mac Powerbook bend in shell?
  213. Anyone a Notary?
  214. Hey you in IOWA...
  215. Powder Coating for motorcycle tins
  216. Any mechanics in St Cloud?
  217. Painting
  218. VAG COM help needed
  219. Car audio/keyless entry
  220. Side work needed...skilled carpenter/framer
  221. Body work link?
  222. our new website is UP!
  223. Accounts Payable in Anoka
  224. Anyone do printing?
  225. Fixie Bike Builder..,
  226. Euro parts website
  227. My job hiring one ase mechanic
  228. mechanic to do wheel bearings
  229. Charity Photography... help!
  230. Seeking Technical Writer position...
  231. I know that this is a long shot...
  232. free detail
  233. Teach me How to TIG, please
  234. Wtb: Pdr?
  235. Looking for a Corian or Cambria counterop shop/guy
  236. wheel fixing/refinishing???
  237. Where to buy aluminum EMT conduit.
  238. Sand blasting
  239. Need a tow.
  240. need a new bed, any simmons dealers/hookups?
  241. Anyone do vinyl recovering?
  242. Anyone here have a detailing business or can recommend one?
  243. Desktop Support Specialist
  244. Classical musician exclusively available to eurowerks!
  245. Need: burned cd.
  246. Drum Lessons
  247. have any masonry or driveway pouring skills?
  248. WTH: Ol School Mechanic
  249. drywall install ,mudding and sanding
  250. Career Advice