Just a couple suggestions on posting in the classified section:

Description: Be as precise as possible. It is important for all parties involved that pictures and description be correct. Please include details, tech specs, part numbers and mileage/wear & tear. If your description is believed to be incorrect or misleading, your post will be flagged and/or removed until the matter is sorted out.

Please do not bump your own For Sale thread more than once every 48 hours.
If you're selling multiple items in the same section, list them all in the same thread.

Firearms Sales: You are responsible on your own to abide by all laws that exist in your jurisdiction. Eurowerks does not condone, or prohibit firearms sales. It is up to the buyer and seller to be aware of the laws in their jurisdiction. Ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the law. If you have any questions on this, please visit the state website here.

Forum Usage: Eurowerks is a large club, largely focused in the upper midwest. Please keep in mind that most transactions are handled face to face. Also, this is not Craigslist or ebay - if you plan to sell on this site it is strongly encouraged that you become an active member here and introduce yourself. If we find that your only traffic is to 'bump' your classified thread, your posts could be flagged and/or removed. Also keep in mind there are longstanding, active members that keep a close eye on things here, if someone makes a suggestion to you, it would be prudent to be polite and listen to their concerns and make changes if necessary. If you are impolite, not only will it reflect badly on you, but your post may be flagged/or removed. In turn we will do the best we can to stay on topic and be polite as well. Let's keep this civil.

For the others:
It is important to try to stay on topic as much as possible. Let's not muddy up someone's attempt to sell something with a lot of off-topic banter. If you have questions about something or want to support the product or seller - great, but if you hate XXXXX for whatever reason, leave it to the other threads please.

Keeping Order:
It is important that payment and contact information be posted as early as possible. Please include email, phone number, PayPal info, and/or address if possible. Please be prompt in returning PM's and other messages. Keep in mind there is a chance that more than one member might be interested in your item, and while we don't expect you follow 'dibs', please keep order and educate when possible, posting as much contact and payment info in the original post will ensure the most orderly thread.

Also please keep in mind that unless you have an arrangement with the seller, the first with cash usually wins. No dibs. That does not work in any other retail environment, and should not be expected here either. Some people are in a hurry to sell something and cannot wait till payday for you.

Commercial Services:
Please remember that eurowerks is operated off revenue that is generated by sponsors. Anyone wishing to use the classifieds to promote their commercial services must first contact eurowerks staff to setup your vendor account. Please see this thread for more information. Threads in violation of commercial services rules are subject to deletion.

And as usual:
The normal internet disclaimer applies as well... all sales are between the buyer and seller. Eurowerks assumes no responsibility for the price or conditions of the sale.

Your post MUST contain the following and etc:

A photo, and detailed description of the item. Be descriptive, even if you have a photo. It is important to let everyone know what they are buying.

A PRICE. No price, no ad. if you don't know what its worth, ask a friend before posting. Ask for more than you can expect to get for example, be open to negotiation.

Be ok with being lowballed. It happens. Be polite and decline if you aren't interested in the offer. No one is offering to be insulting, they might not have the money you wish, but show them respect.

If you are a classifieds weiner, I will revoke your ability to post in the classifieds till you read this post and communicate to me you are able to follow guidelines.

If you make an ad that is a link to your craigslist ad, it will simply be moved into the craigslist thread. We will not fix your ad for you.

if you are a buyer, try to be respectful as well. Lowballing is ok, but dont be a doofus. Got it? Got it.

This stuff is EASY! Lets hope you can all handle it.

Thank you,