» Sponsors
If your interested in sponsoring this years show please end us a email at
» Registration
Pre-registration is closed. There will be day of tickets available day of the show, please follow the signs for show cars and let them know you need to register.
Well that's nice but where does my car fit in?
You register for the class your car debuted in, for example:

BMW E30's came out in the 80's, but continued production into the 90's. You would register in the 80's class. MKV's the 00's class and etc... Roger? This will create a cultural singularity in the class competition, and keep old school from competing with brand new cars, creating a competition structure that is fair, unique, and competitive.

Registration is capped! The site will let you know when pre-registration is getting close to full. We are saving some spots for the day of the show, but don't bet the house on earning a spot by being the last one there. Parking spots are first come first serve, and some are better than others.
Day of show class's all cars are eligible for:
Best of 2010 - 1st Place
2nd Place
Best of 2000 - 1st Place
2nd Place
Best of 1990 - 1st Place
2nd Place
Best of 1980 - 1st Place
2nd Place
Best of 1970 and earlier- 1st Place
2nd Place
Peoples Choice Award - spectator chosen
Wheel Whore Award - chosen by prior years winner

Misc Awards:

Tire stretch
Lowest Car
Best Patina
Best Detailed/Cleanest
Best Interior
Best Stereo
Best Custom Paint & Bodywork
Best Original Paint
Most Sleeper
Cop Magnet
Best Air-ride Setup
Best Stance
Best Vanity Plate
Best Engine Bay
Most Original Concept
Limbo Award
Ladies Choice
Running Man

Secondary classes subject to change as we come up with more ideas. Stay tuned for more classes to be added to the site, and be prepared to be suprised the day of the show, for even more.